So I was in petsmart with my doodles last night and everybody was comment on how well they were behaved and how pretty.....I was very happy to hear the comment until the lady at the end of the line had to put in her two cents oh so they are just mutts overpriced....Has anyone else ever experienced this rude behavior?  I was furious.........................If i could have only stooped to her level and told her what I thought......







Bella and Bentley where not happy with her remarks either....They said mom should we pee pee on her foot.....lmao

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  • That did happen to me one time at the bark park..and I turned and smiled at her and said "He is the best dog I've ever had and I love him with all my heart as I'm sure you do yours." Then I turned and walked away and left her with her mouth hanging open. Quite satisfying... : )
  • I have heard of this happening to doodle owners. I am not sure where the anger from these people stems from.
  • Most doodle owners have experienced this. However, I get tons more complements than negative rude comments. A dog is a dog - pure breed or not. I think it tells a lot about about the person making the rude comments(jealous, spiteful, hateful, rude, uneducated ? pick).
  • I have also encounted this rude comment. I was showing pictures of my sweet Bella, and a "lady" came up to me and informed me she was just a mutt! What made it worse for me was that we were at church. I smiled and walked away.
  • I get these kinds of comments on occassion. Weirdly, they have mostly come from Golden Retriever owners. At least 3 Golden owners at the dog parks have completely ripped me a new one. That surprised me. Honestly though, every time we go anywhere, people just want to pet Darwin and they rave about his looks and behavior. The nice people definitely outweigh the mean! I think the people who hate doodles assume they are being responsible and informed by being aware of the "designer dog" market. In a way they are, but they really haven't done all of their homework, there are two sides to every story.
    • This always amazes me since Golden retrievers were "designer dogs" mixed from English tweed water spaniels and other breeds like Irish Setters etc. Maybe these under informed people think they are carrying out their social duty or something.
  • The part I can't for the life of me figure out is... do they think I don't know my dog is a mix of 2 breeds? and why are they concerned with how much I paid? if I donated a couple grand to PAWS and adopted a mix would they still feel so confrontational? or if I rescued my mix breed would that grant my dog passage from their hostile thoughts?
    Like I said, I haven't heard it yet but I may just work out the right come back for if and when the day comes.
  • I have seen other discussions on here about this topic, but have never experienced it myself. Unbelieable that someone would say something like that! Especially a fellow dog lover. And totally unsolicited. What if you went up to someone in a parking lot and said "Why would you buy an over-priced foreign made car like that?" They might tell you to mind your own business or maybe worse. I think I would have said "Wow, that was rude." Let the other people around her pass their own judgement.
  • I have gotten 2 rude comments (or...actions). One Poodle owner said "it's terrible what they have done to the poor Poodles," while we were out in the neighborhood walking... and a Wheaten owner, came up to us once and asked if he could pet our Wheaten. We said she is a Goldendoodle, but he is welcome to pet her... he walked away!!! I HATE HATE HATE confrontation, so I do anything and everything to avoid it. I get DAILY compliments in regards to Allie - so the 2 people that made themselves look like asses really don't matter!!!
  • I would be tempted to snap back with a "how rude and uninformed!" or something! You did the right thing ignoring though.
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