Oliver's 2nd TPLO surgery

Oliver had his 2nd TPLO surgery last Friday.  He had his other knee done on July 10th.  It has been a rough week!  The first one was not a complete tear and had been going bothering him off and on for 1.5 years before we decided to have the surgery.  The 2nd knee was a complete tear 8 weeks after his first surgery.  His recovery has not been the same.  He is still not putting weight on his leg, toe touching a very little bit, mostly hopping on 3 legs.  It was 1.5 weeks after the injury before he was able to have surgery.  Because he had a seizure 2 weeks after the 1st surgery, we have taken the conservative approach with medication.  He was prescribed Carprofen 35 mg 2 times a day, Gabapentin 150 mg every 8 to 12 hours, and Clindamycin 2 times a day.  I was giving him what was prescribed up until Wednesday when he began having belly issues (grumbling, burping and restlessness).  I stopped the Carprofen on Tuesday night and began giving 100 mg's of Gabapentin 2 times a day.  He seemed to be doing well until last night (after I gave him the Clindamycin), he was restless all night and obviously not feeling well today.  He is refusing to eat and just does not look well.  I'm hoping his belly just needs to settle.  3579779802?profile=RESIZE_710x3579783756?profile=RESIZE_710xI have tried to get in touch with the hospital and I am waiting hear back from them but I am not giving him any more of the Clindamycin.  He has had belly issues in the past with other antibiotics.  I have not used a cone on him  as it definitely made him anxious last surgery.  He does try to lick his incision and he stops when I catch him.  I have not left him alone but I'm guessing that he has licked during the night and I don't always wake up.  I am including a photo of his incision for opinion as it appears to be a bit red.  Oliver has been much less anxious as I have not crated him, just kept him confined in a pen when I cannot have him directly aside of me.  I do give him CBD chews if he get anxious, but not on a regular basis.  I was hoping to get some insight from others who have gone through this.  It has really taken a toll on me and Oliver the second time around.  The hospital that he had his surgery at is about 45 mins away and I hate to bring him there if I don't have to.  He definitely gets anxious going there (he trembles uncontrollably, pants and drools) and we have to go back on Tuesday for his staple removal.  When I do get a call back from the hospital I am going to ask if I can email a picture of his incision.  

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  • I'm not sure about the incision. Maybe you could have your regular vet take a look at it? They should be able to tell if there is any problem with it. 

    I'd also ask about an alternative pain medication like Tramadol, which will not upset his stomach. That might help him settle. 

  • The incision looks a bit red but not puffy and not oozing so I take those as good signs.  I agree a trip to your regular vet may be worth it if you can get in sooner than Tuesday and they won't let you email in the picture.

    • To me, that incision looks very red at the top part of the photo, and it almost looks like the top staple is recessed further than the others, (which would indicate swelling, no?) or like there is blood/scabbing around it.  Hard to tell if that red area is swollen at that angle. But I have no medical training, so i don't know.


      • I did hear back from the hospital and emailed them the picture.  They said aside from the redness, the incision looks great.  The redness is most likely from him licking, which he does do at night and I usually wake up and catch him (obviously not always).  The said to discontinue the clindamycin and the carprofen and give him Pepcid to settle his stomach.  He did eat his dinner and he seems to feel better.  Hopefully we will get a better nights sleep tonight.  Only 8 more weeks to go!!  Thank you all :)


  • I am so sorry that Oliver's having such a rough time. As much as I have whined about Willow's spay I can only imagine how hard the recovery from this is. I hope you both get some rest and that he starts feeling better soon. 

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