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  • Yay :)  can't wait to see the new addition!

  • Yay.. So exciting.   What a fun experience to share with your daughter.  My mom and I did that with Jack and then again with her Molly.   It can be such a bonding experience.   i hope you enjoy every minute and I can't wait to see precious pictures. 

  • oh I also wanted to mention, Have you looked into puppy insurance yet?  I know if you are not familiar with it, it sounds crazy.  Insurance can be a literal lifesaver.  It can cover anything from well visits to just catastrophic illness depending on your needs.   There are so many good discussions on it in here.   You have to do your research.   I have Pet Plan but in recent years they changed their fine print and now can drop you at will - that isn't too helpful if you have a senior dog with established medical problems.   Anyway, I just thought I would mention it in case you haven't thought of it. 

  • Thanks everyone!
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