Hello! Luca is a very handsome 6mo Goldendoodle who I have had since he was 8 weeks old. He was quickly diagnosed with Giardia during his first vet check up. This persisted for 3 months with multiple rounds of Panacur and Flagyl and then finally got to low burden and then undetected levels prior to Christmas 2022. Over NYE weekend he became very ill and was hospitalized for 2 days due to bloody diarrhea, WBC 34, inflamed lymph nodes throughout large intestine. He recieved IV Antibiotics, fluids and was thankfully sent home on oral antibiotics which we recently finished. He was switched from Victor Pro PLus dog food to Hills Science I/D. Since stopping antiobitoics his stools have not been the best and voer the last couple days he is back to having diarrhea and very tired. I am at a loss and looking for any help or suggestions. Has anyone ever dealt with anything similar in their goldendoodle??? We have an appointment with Vet Specialist this Thursday and regular vet check tomorrow consider how he is so tired he might need fluids again to avoid dehydration. 10948521099?profile=RESIZE_584x

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            • That is crazy your baby had ruptured disc with nerve compression and never had pain. Poor baby! In my opnion he never had spinal pain it was more generalized and I believe referred from Abd. if anything. Even when they had surgeon eval him in hospital they never apprciated abdominal pain. it was mostly noted from IMS and one of the ER docs

              • I'm pretty sure Jack had a lot of pain, he just didn't show it. Dogs are generally very stoic about pain, and in fact there have been many veterinary articles written about ways for vets to tell that a dog is in pain, since they so often don't show it. 

                • WOW! I just read the link you sent as well. I feel gutted. I appreciate all your info and support through this. I am just so heart broken and wish I could figure out what is wrong with him so I can help him at this point. I knew in my gut before I picked him up something was wrong and should have done more research into this place and breeders but I truly did not know until after the fact all the horrors that can occur with these breeders. Makes me feel sick to my stomach. And article is spot on as they do all kinds of different doodle breeds which obviously is not okay! I dont know if I should report them so others are aware or is there something I can do at this point?

                • Yeah thats so crazy! Luca was whining out in extreme pain even to be touched and could not even stand up on his own bc of the pain which all just went away after we started antibitocs again.

                • I have reached out to the breeders who are telling me the mother and father are genetically free from any abnormalities and they ar telling me to use DSMO bc that will cure what is going on with him??? I am so confused how someone could even say that to me in this situation. I have read about this stuff and does not seem safe.... Do you have any experience or know what that is?

                  • I would not take any advice from these "breeders". "Greeders" is more the appropriate term for them. Possibly a puppy mill. They are not going to do anything to help you or the puppy, who they couldn;t care less about, he was just a way for them to pay their bills. These kinds of "breeders" use all kinds of "home remedies" and old folk medicine because they are too ignorant and to cheap go to a vet. Reporting them isn;t going to do any good, either, unless you have documented proof of violations of the animal laws in your area. DSMO is an old time "holisitc" treatment for pain that is definitely not safe at all. 
                    I just sent you a PM. Check you message inbox



                • Before Riley had her diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis, which is apparently VERY painful, she was a much more withdrawn and quiet dog.  It makes us sad to think about that her quiet and anti-social behavior was likely because she was in pain a lot of the time.  We just thought she was an anti-social and independent dog.  Now that we have her on a suitable diet to manage her condition she is a lot more energetic, affectionate and playful.  She is still a pretty independent dog but it's now obvious that she was not feeling 100% before.

                  • Another good example of how hard it is to know when a dog is in pain. 
                    It's an instinct that goes way way back to when they roamed in packs in the wild. To be ill was not only to be vulnerable to predators, but also to put your entire pack in jeopardy. 


  •  You know, almost everything you are describing with Luca sounds a lot like parvovirus. But I would think your vet and IMS would know if that were the case. 

    • Yes they tested him for Parvo twice in Jan during all of this and it was negative. Now that he is back on Clavamox and on the Hills Science GI biome diet he is doing fantastic again. However I am concerned because this diet is not formulated for puppies but I truly believe he needs high fiber diet because his stools have been the best they have ever been since I had him with this diet. He has lots of energy right now and is so lovable! Such a complex case and still not sure what his underlying issue is but I am thankful everyday right now with him doing better for now. Some suggestions from other vets was to try Hydrolyzed protein diet however that does not have high fiber content and im afraid that will make him start having diarrhea again.

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