Hello! Luca is a very handsome 6mo Goldendoodle who I have had since he was 8 weeks old. He was quickly diagnosed with Giardia during his first vet check up. This persisted for 3 months with multiple rounds of Panacur and Flagyl and then finally got to low burden and then undetected levels prior to Christmas 2022. Over NYE weekend he became very ill and was hospitalized for 2 days due to bloody diarrhea, WBC 34, inflamed lymph nodes throughout large intestine. He recieved IV Antibiotics, fluids and was thankfully sent home on oral antibiotics which we recently finished. He was switched from Victor Pro PLus dog food to Hills Science I/D. Since stopping antiobitoics his stools have not been the best and voer the last couple days he is back to having diarrhea and very tired. I am at a loss and looking for any help or suggestions. Has anyone ever dealt with anything similar in their goldendoodle??? We have an appointment with Vet Specialist this Thursday and regular vet check tomorrow consider how he is so tired he might need fluids again to avoid dehydration. 10948521099?profile=RESIZE_584x

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  • I'm no help with diagnostics or treatments but I'm sending healing vibes for Luca and hugs to you. 

    • Thank you so much!! <3

  • Wondering how your pup is. He should be on daily dose of 250mg fenbenzadole for a long long time. This is a parasitic fungal infection. Was he vaccinated before this happened? It triggered it in my dog. 

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