• Quite a few people have joined without doodles at all. My niece with a pom, and my daughter with a "half a labradoodle,"black lab have joined to see what all of the fun is about. I have met some members with different doodle parts too! I think we are dog lovers with a "doodle" perspsective - any doodle or non-doodle is welcome as far as I can tell.
  • I'm so glad to hear that - I joined without really researching and I'm planning to breed Aussie Doodles. I'll have them live on cam as well.
  • No I dont think so~ if you are a dog lover I think you are welcome
  • I believe all dogs lovers are welcome on doodlekisses.
  • YOU are most welcome here Margaret =)
    Although Doodle Kisses was created for owners of labradoodles and goldendoodles, as others have said ALL dog lovers are welcome.
  • We love everyone! Welcome!!!
  • Everyone is welcome, Margaret!
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