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I am happy to report that my gates are up and working beautifully.  No more Dougie wandering up the steps or in other areas of the house, unless he is being supervised.  I got both gates from Amazon and I love them.

He will be jumping over this shortly I know...but hopefully, by then, he will not have to be supervised as much, LOL!! (This is self-standing but not shown in pic, sorry).

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Excellent! Those are really nice looking, too! 

Great looking gates! 

We've used similar gates for Sedona since she was a baby.  (Now, they serve double duty as real baby gates with the grandchildren.)  Funny thing, even though Sedona could easily jump over the gates, she has never tried and I don't think she ever will.

Lucy and Sophie were that way as well.  I've had fosters though that could clear a 4' one with no problem!

Wally is just shy of 50 pounds, and when we set up that very same free-standing gate for Charlotte, he never once attempted to jump over it.  Interesting, indeed.

good looking gates - Dougie will have to think up other mischief!

Nice looking gates!  I probably should have spent more on mine in the beginning so they would look a little nicer, but I had no idea that 5 years later I would still be using them.  They have just really come in handy over the years.

Quincy jumped over the lower gate we had right from the get go- but only when he was excited because someone was upstairs.  In between we used it to keep him contained.  

Nice gates.

Wow, those are really nice ones Adrienne and definitely help with puppies! 

Nice looking gates!  You are such a good doodle mommy already!  Dougie is a lucky little guy!

Those gates are gorgeous! Our great big doodles never ever jump the short gates we use.



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