I am happy to report that my gates are up and working beautifully.  No more Dougie wandering up the steps or in other areas of the house, unless he is being supervised.  I got both gates from Amazon and I love them.

3364085515?profile=originalHe will be jumping over this shortly I know...but hopefully, by then, he will not have to be supervised as much, LOL!! (This is self-standing but not shown in pic, sorry).


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  • Excellent! Those are really nice looking, too! 

  • Great looking gates! 

  • We've used similar gates for Sedona since she was a baby.  (Now, they serve double duty as real baby gates with the grandchildren.)  Funny thing, even though Sedona could easily jump over the gates, she has never tried and I don't think she ever will.

    • Lucy and Sophie were that way as well.  I've had fosters though that could clear a 4' one with no problem!

    • Wally is just shy of 50 pounds, and when we set up that very same free-standing gate for Charlotte, he never once attempted to jump over it.  Interesting, indeed.

  • good looking gates - Dougie will have to think up other mischief!

  • Nice looking gates!  I probably should have spent more on mine in the beginning so they would look a little nicer, but I had no idea that 5 years later I would still be using them.  They have just really come in handy over the years.

  • Quincy jumped over the lower gate we had right from the get go- but only when he was excited because someone was upstairs.  In between we used it to keep him contained.  

  • Nice gates.

  • Wow, those are really nice ones Adrienne and definitely help with puppies! 

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