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I am happy to report that my gates are up and working beautifully.  No more Dougie wandering up the steps or in other areas of the house, unless he is being supervised.  I got both gates from Amazon and I love them.

He will be jumping over this shortly I know...but hopefully, by then, he will not have to be supervised as much, LOL!! (This is self-standing but not shown in pic, sorry).

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I can't believe how much the gates have helped keep my Hse more organized aren't all over the place.
I actually keep a leash on her when she is in the house..gates/no gates..easier to catch her!!

Love that pretty gate at the bottom of your stairs.

Isn't it amazing how your life changes for a dog!  Gates are just the start.  Next the yard and garden renovations and then the new "doggie" car.  But it is all worth it.  My large goldendoodle would never jump over any gate (including his playpen when he was a pup) and my ALD is not contained by any gate.  36"  he just jumps over.  But he also jump up onto the grooming table or the counter for a bath.  They are all different.  Gates?  What's that?  Another challenge!

love the grates!! i didn't have to use any he was a good boy about staying in one area, even now he only sleep at the foot of my bed only in the crate when i leave..



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