Currently we are having a heat wave here in the Netherlands with temperatures up to 101 degrees which is not usual here. Most houses in the Netherlands don't have aircos therefore even inside it is getting really hot. My boys are suffering from the heat and my normal practices don't seem to be enough anymore.

During the summer I always used this cooling collar for Benny which worked fine for him.

He is still coping better with the heat than Tyler does. It's Tyler's first summer here and the cooling collar doesn't seem to be enough for him. I used wet towels to wrap him into them but he hates it.

Therefore I just ordered today the swamp cooler vest.


Because I ordered it already I know it is too late to ask but I needed a quick solution and am still interested if anyone is using it or has experiences with it (good or bad).


I am looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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  • Hi Zoe - we are similarly hot down here in Atlanta, and I posted a similar question. Below is the link for the responses - people were SUPER helpful, and many of them had the swamp cooler vest in use.
    • Oh great thanks, I will have a look. It seems this thread went by without me noticing it for some reason :)
      • Very informative for me. Also - I had NO idea that it gets hot in your part of the world. Learning lots (as usual) on DK!
        • Hehe, yes - it does get hot in Europe and in the Netherlands during summer. But temperatures around 101 degrees are not common in the Netherlands, Normally it does stay around 86 degrees but in Southern Europe in the mediterenean countries these temperatures around 101 degrees are quite normal.
          Thank again for leading me to the other discussion. It seems that I can't go wrong with the swamp cooler vest :)
  • Stay cool, we have been experiencing hot and humid here in NJ. We do not have A.C. either. I keep him cool with fans. It's been hot, hot hot. good luck!
    • I feel for you without A/C!! Hopefully your temps will be back to normal soon!
  • And here is Tyler in his brand new swamp cooler vest. He seems to love it as his panting got much less :)

    • Very stylish! He looks like he likes it.
    • What a great picture! I need to get on the ball and order one of these.
    • OOoooooohhhh.. I like this! I must get one!
      I am the official mascot of our Dragon Boat team - and those dragon boat events get HOT!
      This would be great!
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