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Currently we are having a heat wave here in the Netherlands with temperatures up to 101 degrees which is not usual here. Most houses in the Netherlands don't have aircos therefore even inside it is getting really hot. My boys are suffering from the heat and my normal practices don't seem to be enough anymore.

During the summer I always used this cooling collar for Benny which worked fine for him.

He is still coping better with the heat than Tyler does. It's Tyler's first summer here and the cooling collar doesn't seem to be enough for him. I used wet towels to wrap him into them but he hates it.

Therefore I just ordered today the swamp cooler vest.


Because I ordered it already I know it is too late to ask but I needed a quick solution and am still interested if anyone is using it or has experiences with it (good or bad).


I am looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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Zoe, do you have a "protected by goldendoodle" sign in your window? I want one of those!
Hehe, yes something like that. Here is the full picture:

They do have it at, I think I also ordered it there and they do have it for other breeds too.
But if you google "Labradoodle Home Security System" in pictures you will get some links, I just took the one from amazon to post the picture here for you.
It is a little gadget at the backyard window of our wintergarden, but I like it :)
Thanks! I love it =)
That vest is pretty neat. We're having terrible heat waves here- taking walks are torture. I think I need the vest. Didn't realize the Netherlands got so hot either! Hope Tyler is 'cool " with his new vest.
We purchased the cool vest for Lucy a few weeks ago. The first night that I wet it and put it on her, she ran to her room, laid down on her bed and pouted and would not move. I'm thinking, well, I guess this is going to take a little practice to get her used to it. We haven't taken them anywhere as it has been so hot, so today was the first opportunity to try it out. We went up to the Amish Country to a craft fair. The temps are hot today (around 90), but the humidity is fairly low so I thought it would be ok for them to go with us. I put the cool vest in a big tupperware container with ice water for the ride up. Once we arrived it was (I thought) still not too hot so I just put one of the cool gel bandannas around her neck thinking that would be ok. Well, as soon as we are out in the sun she starts with her barking and pulling towards the shade which just lets me know it is too hot for her. So I told DH I'm going to get the Cool Vest and just see if she will wear it. I took it out, rung some of the water out and dried it off with a towel, put it on her and she was good to go! She loved it. She behaved the rest of the day. It does drip a little underneath in the beginning so I would only use it in outside places until it stops dripping, but I'm very surprised that when you remove it she isn't all wet. We are going to declare it a success.



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