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Some good news for those who share nature with these creatures. Opossums have an ancient trail that traverses my yard along the building/patio.  I've been blaming them as being the Source of the ticks close to my building.  This article proves that wrong.  I am benefiting from their presence.  Seems that unlike the other animals tested, they groom ticks (eating them) before they become attached, eating up to 5,000 est.  Oh, and they have immunity from rabies....who knew! 

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  • Opossums really get a bad rap because they are so ugly, lol. They are really benign animals that benefit us and do no harm to us. Thanks for posting! 

  • good to know...I probably shouldn't have shooed that Opossum off my front porch! LOL  Ticks are bad here by my house because we back up to the woods...and we are trouncing around in the woods as much as we can.  I am looking for a holistic remedy for my girls.

  • See my post about beneficial nematodes (last week). There’s one for ticks. Use after a rain when it is hazy and ground is moist in spring. Works best on the first hungry nymphs. My sprayer was too coarse and coverage was lessened. But it needs to hit the ground so not too light either.
  • Interesting!

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