UPDATE:  Last Monday Haley saw a surgeon at a specialty veterinary facility in Richmond.  After a very complete exam she found that Haley not only has Osteosarcoma but also has lymphoma.  On Wednesday he saw an oncologists who sent a test out.  The diagnosis was B cell high grade lymphoma.  The recommended treatment is chemotherapy which will start tomorrow. 

Haley went to the vet today with a  limp.  The diagnosis was bone cancer (osteosarcoma).  Has anyone had a dog with this disease?

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  • I'm thinking you mean osteosarcoma. :(
    I'm so sorry, Anne.
    We have had a few doodles here over the years who've had osteosarcoma. The one I most remember is Rusty, who had a leg amputated and with chemo & other treatments had three good years after his diagnosis. His owner Chuck posted many blogs over the years chronicling Rusty's treatments. 
    Hoping for the best possible outcome for Mr. Haley. 

    • Thank you, Karen.  You are right.  (I could not post this discussion on my mobile device and was so frustrated by the time I got to my computer that I misspelled and did not check my spelling. And, apparently there is no way to edit after posting)

      I remember reading reading Chuck's blogs about Rusty.

      This has hit me like a ton of bricks.  We will do the best we can for Haley and have an appointment Monday morning for a consultation with the surgeon and a slot saved for possible amputation that day.


      • I editted it for you to correct the spelling. I hope that's okay. :) 

        • Thanks, Karen. 

      • I'm so sorry :(

        I remember how sad and shocked we were when Luna got her Lymphoma diagnosis.  

        Wishing Mr. Haley and your family the best and I hope your consultation goes well Monday.

  • I don't have any experience with it, but I am very sorry to read this. All of my best wishes to Mr. Haley.

  • No experience, but I wanted to say how sorry I am to hear this. I hope his prognosis is good, he will be in my thoughts and prayers!

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