UPDATE:  Last Monday Haley saw a surgeon at a specialty veterinary facility in Richmond.  After a very complete exam she found that Haley not only has Osteosarcoma but also has lymphoma.  On Wednesday he saw an oncologists who sent a test out.  The diagnosis was B cell high grade lymphoma.  The recommended treatment is chemotherapy which will start tomorrow. 

Haley went to the vet today with a  limp.  The diagnosis was bone cancer (osteosarcoma).  Has anyone had a dog with this disease?

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  • Oh my gosh.  I am just reading this...how is Mr. Haley doing?  I hope treatment will help him live a long and healthy life!  

    • Thank you, Joani.  Haley has been seen by a surgeon who referred him to oncology.  We are now waiting for results of  flow cytometry .  He has lymphoma along with the osteosarcoma.  I will update when I know more.

  • I am so sorry. Praying for your furbaby


    • Thank you,  Charlotte. 

  • sorry to hear this, please keep us updated?

    • Thank you,  Sue.  Will update when I know more. 

  • Sorry to hear.  A friends lab mix went through it.  She lived almost 2 years longer than the vet predicted.  She was a healthy eating, hiking dog.  She went through her ups and downs during that time and on pain meds. I don't remember what she was taking. It was the right front leg. 

    • Thank you for this information. 

  • Wondering if there are any updates on Haley.  Thinking and praying for you.

    • Thank you, Charlotte.  I will update after Haley's next appointment which will be next week.


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