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Been awhile since I have been able to be active in the group.  You know how life happens. 

Our Buddy is 9 now and spends his days mostly sleeping.  He does still enjoy walks and playing keep away with his toys or just snuggling as we relax in the evening.  Oh and barking at random things.

His brother (our son) is 6 and in kindergarten.  Sure has been an adjustment to us all.  I never knew all of the activities that would be involved in kindergarten.  But it keeps us on our toes.

My new Etsy shop is just over a year old and going strong.  I think I have finally found my niche.  Of course Buddy was a big inspiration in getting me started.  Pet ID tags have been a hugs seller and I love making them knowing that they help keep our fur babies safe!

I would love to offer members of this group a special discount in my shop if interested.  You can use coupon code DOODKISS and save 10% off your entire purchase.

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Mom of a kindergartener over here too... who knew it was so intense? lol.  We also have a 2 month old baby and our bernedoodle puppy is 7.5 months so I'm sure that contributes to how hectic things feel ;)  I miss having a mature dog in the house, they are so nice and calm.

Glad your shop is doing well, your products are super cute!

The pineapple one made me think of this picture about "pineapple" in different languages :p  English is silly sometimes.

Thanks for sharing about the pineapple.  Amazing!  :)

You definitely have your hands full!

We miss you here.  Come back as often as you can.  I am so glad you found your perfect career with Etsy.  I adore your photo of Buddy with your son. It is just so special. I have a similar one with my granddaughter and our Clancy. It is one of my favorites - something about a child and their dog from the back, is just so wonderful.

Love the photo!  :)

Will certainly try to be back often!!



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