Our Crazy Zoo!

Hi everyone! Brand new here, just thought I'd introduce my zoo.


Zoe, our 12 year old Goldendoodle


Jet, our 4 year old Labradoodle

3645135830?profile=RESIZE_710x Max, our 9 month old Bernedoodle

3645136459?profile=RESIZE_710xAnd our beautiful Goldendoodle angel, Mia, who we lost this past April. :(


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  • What an adorable zoo you have :)  Mia was so beautiful too.

    Riley the 14  month old bernedoodle says hi!  I don't know why all my pics are upside down these days, they are right side up on my tablet.  If you click her picture it will be right side up :p


    • OMG Riley is absolutely gorgeous!! I just wanna lay down beside her and snuggle her!!!

      My Mia was, without question, the sweetest, smartest most loving, gentle and intuitive pup I've ever known. I always say that she was my "furry soulmate" and I miss her terribly. I'm so thankful that I have my other 3 to keep me busy and well snuggled. :)

      • Luna was much like Mia I think.  We were dogless for a couple months after we lost her last May and the house felt so empty so we put a deposit on Riley :)  She is indeed excellent for spooning, she is starting to enjoy the snuggling a lot too since she is settling down a bit.

        • I'm so sorry for your loss. It's seriously one of the worst feelings.

          Mia was my "once in a lifetime" pup. I'm still not completely okay with the fact that she's gone and that our time together is over, but it's getting a little easier day by day. Zoe was/is her littermate, but she is nothing like her sister... at all. LOL And even though we still had two in the house when Mia left us, the energey was completely different and I desperately needed some new, happy energey in the house. That's when Max entered and he has been SUCH a blessing. He snuggles like a freakin' champ, just throwing his whole body against you looking for love.

          I absolutely LOVE your Riley's markings. She's so beautiful. Max must've inherited the Poodle's (his dad is a silver Standard Poodle) fading gene, as a lot of his black is now different shades of grey.

          • It's so hard losing a special pup like that.  A year and a half later I still have days where I miss Luna terribly, I think about her every day though.   Riley's dad was a parti standard poodle (white with black) so I'm guessing she may not fade.  She does have some areas where she is getting more pure white hairs but I haven't seen any gray.

            • Well, she's gorgeous. She has that gentleness in her eyes that drew us to Max, as well. He's filled our house with the most amazing, goofy energy. I just adore him! I can't even stand and look out the window without him jamming himself in the way to see what's going on. LOL


              • Riley is a goofball too and very curious!  I've heard a lot of poodles are silly goofballs and so are Bernese... so double dose of clown I guess.  

                Max is so cute I love his little white shoes :)

                • Thank you! I love them too. He has white on his face, chest, toes and the tip of his tail. Silly to think that he was cheaper than his siblings because he isn’t a tri-colour. I think he’s perfect just the way he is! 

                  And you’re right. Total “double dose” of goofy! Lol

  • Doodlezoo!  I bet they keep you laughing all the time!

    • Every. Single. Day. LOL

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