Our Crazy Zoo!

Hi everyone! Brand new here, just thought I'd introduce my zoo.


Zoe, our 12 year old Goldendoodle


Jet, our 4 year old Labradoodle

3645135830?profile=RESIZE_710x Max, our 9 month old Bernedoodle

3645136459?profile=RESIZE_710xAnd our beautiful Goldendoodle angel, Mia, who we lost this past April. :(


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  • Oh my heavenly doodle zoos!  They are all so gorgeous!  So sorry about Mia...they can NEVER EVER stay long enough!  Great pictures!  Here are my two darlings...Skadi is an English cream golden doodle 9+ and Elli my Craigslist rescue is 10+.  How big will your Bernedoodle get?  Love the markings.3651567625?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Oh my goodness!! Your babies are SO beautiful!! They look so incredibly HAPPY!!

      I miss my Mia SO much. We lost her in April and I thought I’d feel better than I do by this point, but I still think of her every day. ☹️

      I’m not sure how big Max will get. Male Bernedoodles have the potential to be between 60-90lbs. I think he’ll be on the smaller end of that scale, but who knows. Right now, at 9 months, he’s the same height and length as our 65lb Labradoodle. It’ll be interesting to see how what happens when he starts to fill out. 

      • Well if he's anything like Riley he might still have quite a bit of growing to do lol.

        Her parents were 60-65 lbs and she is looking like she will top out at about 80 pounds.  Good thing we didn't get a male, her brothers are probably 90-100 lbs!

        She's so tall she can sniff the countertops without lifting a paw off the ground... and if she gets excited and stands on the front door she is taller than most people.  Our front door is mostly glass so if they don't know her it's a bit intimidating to see the giant shadow on the door I think lol.


        • Oh man, I'm kinda hoping he gets big. He's so soft, fluffy and snuggly. It'd be like having a living teddy bear!!

          No one comes near our place when they hear all 3 of mine barking like lunatics!! LOL

  • Welcome to doodlekisses. Your zoo is  wonderful. It doesn’t matter how long we have our beloved pets it’s never long enough. I have three rascals- Clancy (goldendoodle age 11), Ned (labradoodle age 11), and Charlie ( labradoodle almost 6).3652662528?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Oh my, they are all so handsome!!!! That's a gorgeous picture.

      You're right, it's never long enough. And while I love all of my pups immensely, Mia was MY girl... she was my sidekick, my shadow. And she was so in tune with me. I'll miss her forever.

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