Our Coco used to be totally fine going in her crate at night. She's still ok going into the crate during the daytime, but at night if we try and get her into the crate, she freaks out! She will buck, bite and generally have a meltdown. Once she is in there, she's fine, but getting her in there is so sad and I know she is hating it! We work hard to make her crate a "happy place" and give her treats everytime she goes in and never punish her by putting her in there. She also goes to the bathroom right before and she's not in there extended time periods, except for at night. What is going on with her?? And how can we fix it? 

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  • How old is Coco? Where in your home is her crate located? 
    Is there a reason she couldn't be left loose in your bedroom with you at night?  

    • Our neighbor got a new doodle a few months after we got Toby and when talking about crates they said their puppy was sleeping downstairs away from them and crying a lot for weeks after he was brought home.

      Puppies like to be with their pack!  Ours sleep in our bedroom.  Riley is loose (unless she has kennel cough and is snotting all over!) but Toby is in his crate.

  • How old is she? Is it possible that she no longer needs to be crated at night? Perhaps she could sleep in your room with the door closed so she can't get into trouble.  
    You could still continue crating her during the day as needed. 
    I'm sorry that's not helpful in getting her to love her crate at night. The only suggestions I have for that are to leave the door open and put treats inside; have the treat you give her when you close the door be really really wonderful and ONLY for those times.  

  • Maybe do some practice sessions of going in and coming out.  Going in and coming out.  Going in and coming out....before bed.  And the coming out has to be calm...so have one hand on the door and close it quickly but gently if she's trying to push/bolt out the door.  Wait for calm behavior, then let her out...increase the calm expectation each time.  I think you just need to practice.  Not so much treat INSIDE the crate, but practice.  

  • Does she go to bed when you do or before? Maybe bedtime is too early now and she knows when its bedtime shes going to have to be in the crate for a long time. If possible try extending her bedtime by half hour. (if you are awake anyway)

    good luck!

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