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Hi there - I'm new. We adopted our new puppy, Teddy, from a re-home situation and was told he is a mini-goldendoodle. He is 9.5 weeks old and weighs around 4 lbs. Does he look like a goldendoodle? He has the softest, fluffiest coat! His tail has been docked for some reason.

We have 2 older mixed breed dogs but haven't had a puppy in about 20+ years. We had forgotten how much work puppies are!

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He is a beautiful puppy. To me, he looks more like a labradoodle than a goldendoodle; he actually looks like an ALD (Australian Labradoodle). The docked tail could indicate cockapoo, though. You might consider doing a DNA test, they are available fairly cheaply online.
Do you know where the previous owner got him? Sometimes, that will tell you what the mix is, if it was an actual breeder. 9.5 weeks is pretty young to have already been rehomed, considering that it's illegal in 25 states to sell a puppy before the age of 8 weeks. They couldn;t have had him for very long. 

4 lbs at 9.5 weeks is very very small for any type of goldendoodle, even a mini. My Miniature Poodle puppy, who will top out under 20 lbs as a full-gorwn adult, weighed 6 lbs at 10 weeks, to give you an idea. 

Thanks for the reply. We only know what we were told by the lady who was re-homing him. We believed what she said at the time, but we have since had time to question her story. She said she got him from a breeder in a neighboring state, that she saw both parents and they were under 20 lbs. In any case, he's a keeper and we can't wait to see how he turns out when he grows up.

He's a cutie whatever he is :)

The face shape looks different than I would expect in a labradoodle or goldendoodle so I was thinking there might be something like a Maltese mixed in there... who knows!

He is a cutie, beautiful hair.  Thank you for providing him a good home.  Please be sure to keep posting updates.  we all love puppy pictures.    It had been 10 years since  Tigger was a puppy when I got Murphy.Puppies are a lot of work, but worth it.  My Murphy will be 1 year old in 5 days.  I have enjoyed almost every minute of her first year. 


He is adorable whatever he is.  He certainly is a poodle mix.

Soooo cute!  Such thick wavy hair almost reminds me an English Cream Golden coat but can't believe it would have any in him at that size.   Any shedding?  Yes, try a DNA test.

No way to tell about shedding on a pup this young. he probably doesn;t shed now, but that doesn;t mean he won't when he gets his adult coat. 
I thought the same thing; IF there is any Retriever in there, it has to be way, way far back in the lines if the parents are only 20 lbs full grown. 

He is just the cutest. Love that liver nose! From his low weight and uncertain parentage, I would suggest medical insurance for him in case any genetic health concerns pop up.

Well, here are the DNA results. No golden in all that fluff.

So we were right about the Cocker and Maltese (nice call, J!) and the fact that he seems too small to have much if any Golden in him. 
He's adorable. 

Hopefully, with 82% non-shedding breeds, he won't shed either. :)

No shedding yet. We've got plenty of shedding from our other 2 dogs though, and we definitely don't need more!

He certainly is adorable :)

The American Eskimo Dog is unexpected lol.



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