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Yesterday, we took our little Tulip to the vet for a 2nd check up on her mud-pie poops.  Other than the lack of bacteria in her stool, he didn't find anything.  He suggested that we do boiled chicken & rice - no kibble, no Frosty Paws for desert, & no Happy Hips.  Just chicken & rice and yogurt.  He also prescribed 8cc of Kaolin/Pectin 2x day until the poop firmed up.  He provided the first dose.  THIS MORNING THE POOP IS FIRM!!!!!  We will keep her on the boiled chicken for a few more days and then begin introducing kibble again (we feed Taste of the Wild).  She acts like a whole new pooch!

As background:

For the last couple of weeks, our little Tulip has had mud-pie poops, with a lot of gas.  We had taken her to the vet 2 weeks ago to check her poop.  He is a holistic vet, but said that her belly good bacteria count was off.  He gave her a round of antibiotics to help w/ getting it back in line.  Also said to feed her yogurt to get the good back in line.

Tulip had been eating a blend of wet Taste of the Wild w/ dry Blue Buffalo.  Until 2 weeks ago her poop was firm.  She generally poops 3x to 4x day.  During the last 2 weeks, there wasn't a change in schedule.

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Glad to hear that the "overnight cure" helped.

Once things are back to normal, I would get rid of the Happy Hips and the Frosty Paws. Happy Hips is made in China, and there have been many many issues with jerky from China causing serious illness and even death in dogs. Lots of discussions here on DK about this. You will find better alternatives in the Food Group. Also, Frosty paws is full of some not-very-good-for-dogs ingedients. Many of us give plain, unflavored fat-free yogurt instead. You can put a few dried cranberries (craisins) or dried blueberries in it. Most dogs love it and it's much better for them, and will also help maintain good intestinal flora, which also helps poop.

Thank you for the note.  We will definitely look into alternatives to both.  Tulip does enjoy yogurt.  We are very surprised about the Happy Hips manufactured in China.  It always pays to read the labels...



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