Overweight Labradoodle

Hi all.  Quick question............... is there a reduced calorie dry dog food?  My boy has been eating Purina Pro Plan dry kibble but I think I have been giving him too much of it (too many calories)  He is almost 2 years old and weights 40 lbs.  I had been feeding him 1 cup with about 3 tablespoons of pure pumpkin in the morning and again in the evening.  He really doesn't get too many treats and no people food.  Should I just cut the Purina Pro Plan in half or is there another food you would recommend?  Too much pumpkin?  He loves the pumpkin.

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  • Hi Robin,
    We have a very large active group here on DK called The Food Group where we have lists of recommended foods, treats, and hundreds of discussions on every aspect of feeding our dogs. Please join us there.
    Has your vet told you your dog is overweight, or that he needs to lose weight? Since doodles come in all sizes, 40 lbs doesn;t tell us much, lol. What should he weigh? has your vet given you a weight range? 
    "Purina Pro Plan" also doesn't tell us much, since they have dozens of different formulas. Do you know how many calories the food contains per cup? If not, what specific formula are you feeding?
    Personally, I would not feed any Purina product. There are tons of much better brands and we list them all here. There are all kinds of formulas with lower fat and calories, too. https://doodlekisses.com/group/thefoodgroup/forum/topics/recommende...

    Recommended Dog Food Brands 2018
    GRAIN-FREE FORMULAS ONLY Orijen  Formulas:  (Formulas are slightly different depending on whether they are made in the U.S. or Canada; check website.…
  • Ditto what Karen said.  Once you settle on a better quality food, I'd serve just under the daily recommended portion.

    • I usually feed the recommended amount for the weight the dog should be, if weight loss is the goal. 

      • I know you do.  You can be much more detailed once you know the specific food and weight. 

  • Thanks for the great responses.  I will be picking out another dry food soon and will take your advice about feeding according to package.  I need to read the packages I eat too!  LOL

    • The macronutrient percentages (protein and fat, as well as calorie) are listed on every bag of food, as well as on-line. When you look at alternatives to feed, look for a fat percentage of 15% or less. 

      • That helps for sure.  I will be checking it out today.  Thanks so much for your help.  Robin

  • I add green beans (no salt) to my dogs' meals to help keep them feeling full without adding extra calories. 

    • Great idea and I can even buy the no salt kind in the can if I run out of the fresh kind.

    • Okay, so when we use the "green bean diet" for weight loss, the point is to substitute the green beans for a portion of the kibble. Just adding green beans to the standard amount of food is not going to help with weight loss. 
      One cup of cooked green beans contains only 40 calories. The typical cup of kibble (and it varies greatly) contains about 400 calories. So, let's say the recommended feeding amount of kibble is 3/4 cup at each meal. That would be roughly 300 calories. But, if you fed a half cup of kibble and a half cup of green beans, the calorie content of that meal goes down to 220 calories, yet the dog is getting more food, in terms of bulk. (One cup versus 3/4.) In this example, you save 160 calories per day, (assuming you feed twice a day) yet you're not starving the dog. Win-win. And the extra fiber in the beans helps with firming stools, too.
      Most dogs prefer the canned no-salt added green beans to the fresh or frozen ones. This has been shown through much experimentation over the years by Food Group members. :) Slightly warming the beans and using a small portion of the liquid also makes them more appealing to most dogs. 

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