• Looks like an F1 to me :)  His colouring reminds me of Karen's late Jackdoodle, he was a labradoodle.  

    A mix of golden and white/cream hairs is very common in goldendoodles because that's what you see in Goldens (their undercoat is a downy cream/white, lots of cream on the feathering/legs and tail too). 

    Our first goldendoodle Luna had a double coat - top coat was a mix of apricot shades and her undercoat was white and a totally different texture than the rest of her coat.  

    • Thank you, it is hard to tell early on. I was confused at the two different textures of his coat.

  • Yup!9788138480?profile=RESIZE_400x9788147864?profile=RESIZE_400x

    • Clancy's 'white' fur is soft. His 'ginger' is coarse. He is a shedding dog. He has darkened as he's aged. We got him when he was two; he's now 13. This is when we first got him  9788158655?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Looks pretty typical and common -- one of the several ways an F1 can turn out :-D 

    • My labradoodle had 3 different textures of coat on his mixed up doodle self ;-) 
      He had tight curls on his thighs, soft wispy but short bottom of legs, a weird soft/wiry body, scruffy straight but thick head/beard hair.  Mixed breeds come in so many ways.  Also that stripe down the back is typical of golden retrievers.

  • Yup!  My boy.


    • Cute pup. First photo looks lot like mine! Was he a shedder?

      • Yes and he is still a heavy shedder. 

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