Hi! I found this forum when I was doing a what-should-be-forbidden Google search. I had our one year old goldendoodle, Bentley, groomed last Thursday. He was completely shaved to give us a fresh start. When I got home with him that night, I noticed his nose had small discolored bump on it. I had not noticed this the day before when brushing him. It has since rounded out but is still small. Doesn't seem to be growing any larger from day to day. I do have a vet appt scheduled for tomorrow at 3:30, but I wanted to see if anyone has seen or dealt with anything like this? Most of the images I have found online are not in this area - they are below the actual nose or on top of/to the side of it. His is ON his nose, right below the opening. Histiocytoma has come up quite a bit, as well as MCT (which makes my stomach ache, as we had a beloved weim that passed from some type of nasal cancer a few years back). I feel like a first time parent all over again. lol! Any thoughts? This is a photo from today.


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  • Glad to hear you have vet appointment.  Probably nothing important, but always get it checked out while it is small!  In the meantime I have my fingers and toes crossed and thinking positive thoughts.  Let us know when you get it checked out.!

    • Thank you, Maryann! We will be heading out soon. The bump seems to be a bit smaller, but my eyes could be playing tricks on me. Haha! I am pretty sure he has an ear infection, as well. So, we will be checking that out today too. 

  • I thought maybe when I saw the title of your post it might be the beginnings of a viral papilloma, they usually appear in the mouth area... but they usually look a lot more "bumpy" than this.

    Hopefully the vet has some answers for you!

  • Do let us know what the vet says.

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