Hello all,New to the forum and new to the goldendoodle but we have a 4.5 month old girl we really enjoy. Recently we noticed a patch of shorter hair on her. Originally we thought it might be the topic flea tick liquid and a reaction but the vet says she’s never seen that without the skin also being infected. We thought maybe she was scratching it but I’m pretty sure her legs can reach top of her back. Wondering if she rubbed it on something also but we’ve never witnessed it. She doesn’t wear a harness. Anyone come across this before. Couple photos below as you will see it’s quite shorter in a ‘band’ across her back. 3657123124?profile=RESIZE_710x3657123459?profile=RESIZE_710xThanks!

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  • Gosh, I’m not sure unless she’s losing some puppy fur. Does she wear a harness? That could rub fur off. She’s  young for the ‘coat change.’ Her coat looks dry in the photo (at lease on my phone) and perhaps adding a fish oil capsule or Evening Primrose capsule to her food might help. 

    • I think it could be the start of the coat change.. but if I'm remembering correctly both Riley and Luna started theirs near their tail not their shoulders.  

      Here's a pic of Luna at 18 weeks - she had definitely started getting that weird stripe thing down her back where the new hair texture was growing in.


      • Thanks. I haven’t had any chance to search past threads but is there anywhere you would recommend learning about the coat change. As mentioned above this is the first time with a long haired dog!

        • Try the pup to adult group and the grooming group.  I think the grooming group has a description and pup to adult has pics of puppies at different stages with different cost types.

    • Thanks for the response. She’s had some bouts with small infections causing her to itch and I think you are right about her hair being dry. This is the first adventure with a king haired dog so all the advise is very welcomed!

  •  Since you mention below that she has had some infections and has been itching, I might be inclined to try a Vet dermatologist.  Seems a little early for coat change, and also not a typical coat change either.  I'd rather spend a little money for nothing that end up with a bigger problem.


  • Please keep us posted. 

  • So it does look like she has pretty dry skin and I am seeing a lot of white small flakes. It also appears she may be able to scratch the area as it appears she has a little cut. Couple photos attached. 


    Thinking I’ll start fish oil pills. Anyone else have any recommendations for dry skin. 





  • Just a thought that may apply here....Perhaps the flaking on her skin is from excess shampoo left after a bath. When you give her a bath you must make sure the shampoo is thoroughly rinsed out and do not use a conditioner.  

    • Douxo Calm shampoo.  Water it down in a squirt bottle - makes it much easier to apply and to rinse.

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