I would like to share that the largest puppymill in Canada was shut down and legally deemed a puppy mill and 600dogs where rescued. 

This person has re started selling online again and is going back to court to get permission to open up again. Although she and her large family have already done so.

There is a facebook page FREEDOM DOGS UNITE. This site is dedicated to the people who are involved directly in this rescue and have the information about this puppymill and are doing something about it.

They have a petition to sign for the upcoming court date.

There are many happy pictures and stories of dogs that are now pets and on the way to being happy and healthy. There are links to the rescues that were and still are involved with these dogs.

This is an ongoing fight for sure, but also a celebration that 600 dogs were saved or humanely euthanized and are no longer living in hell.

This is my public THANK YOU to all the people and facilities that were and still are involved in this rescue as well as the people that struggle everyday to save the lives of animals.

Thank you.

Lorraine and Neely!

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  • im so glad to hear they were shut down, I just hope they are never allowed to start business up again

  • I am glad to hear they are shut down and I hope these people are punished. Like Kaytlin, I hope they remain shut down.

  •  Thank you to all of the rescue organizations and people that stepped up to help these poor dogs.  My heart just goes out to them.

  • Thanks for posting this-I really hope that they would not be able to operate again, how could they?

  • Sherri recently posted a discussion about this puppy mill, and there is a petition that we signed against allowing them to reopen:


  • I am not sure if they have this type of Puppy Mill operation in the United Kingdom but, I posted some pictures and links to puppy mill related site on an international Digital Photo Forum I belong to and the people from the British Isles were shocked and outraged!


    Of course, the United Kingdom Kennel Club (simply known as The Kennel Club) doesn't permit dogs that have been mutilated (tail and ear docking, etc.) to be presented at their dog shows.  I wish the AKC would do the same thing!


    Puppy mills are horrible!  The puppies are often sickly and the adults can have severe emotional problems. They keep being bred until they die.  We have a puppy mill rescue Maltese who spent her first seven and a half years in a cage. Melody ws still producing puppies for the breeder until the breeder died.  It pleases me to think that if there is an after life, a just Creator will have the puppy mill owner sitting in the flames of hell!


    It took me almost a year before she would let me touch her and almost 18-months before she would come up to me voluntarily.  Now, she will hop up on the couch to sit on my lap and she cuddles up to me in bed.  We tried an adoption to a very nice couple but, Melody reverted to her fearful ways.  She is no longer counted as one of our fosters but as a permanent resident.


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