So, on this week's episode: peeing on front legs! lol. I've gathered it's a poodle thing from my Google searches. Did anyone else's pup start to pee directly onto its front legs? Mac seems to aim straight for his front right leg (I've had to wash his leg twice today!) Apparently there are waterproof leg protectors they can wear when you take them out (who knew?) but that, along with washing his leg every time he goes outside, doesn't seem realistic. (His coat is light and I'm talking a whole yellow leg, haha)

I'm wondering if he lifted a leg vs. squatting it would help at all? Is that even possible to train him to do if it's not his natural way?

Any advice on similar situations would be appreciated :)

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  • Milo, my standard poodle, does it every day at some point.  It's super irritating.  If it's bad and it's warm out, I'll hose off his legs.  If it's just a sprinkle, I'll squeeze some papertowels around his legs to soak sprinkles then wipe with a wipe.  I also have a pair of front leg covers that I put on, but usually only first thing in the morning.  I rinse them off outside and hang them in the sun to dry.  
    He DOES do better when he lifts his leg onto things.

  • I've been watching Jasper the past few days, and he does lift one back leg off the ground when he squats, so he's sort of tilted to side away from the pee stream, lol. Pretty smart. ;)

    • Riley has such a large volume of pee sometimes that if she is peeing on a slope one of her back feet can get pee on it... The puddles can be quite large lol.

      • That's the advantage males have...they can aim the stream away from themselves, lol. 

        • In theory ;-) 

          • Well, mine puts the theory into practice, lol.


            • Toby is most defiinitely not taking advantage of this.  He is young, maybe he will learn :p 

            • Some days it's really really annoying.  

  • Until now mine still pees like a girl and for some reason, his pee doesn't run on his legs so odor is not really my problem. I noticed that his private part would really be on the ground. 

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