So, on this week's episode: peeing on front legs! lol. I've gathered it's a poodle thing from my Google searches. Did anyone else's pup start to pee directly onto its front legs? Mac seems to aim straight for his front right leg (I've had to wash his leg twice today!) Apparently there are waterproof leg protectors they can wear when you take them out (who knew?) but that, along with washing his leg every time he goes outside, doesn't seem realistic. (His coat is light and I'm talking a whole yellow leg, haha)

I'm wondering if he lifted a leg vs. squatting it would help at all? Is that even possible to train him to do if it's not his natural way?

Any advice on similar situations would be appreciated :)

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  • Oh Mac, you pee on the ground not your leg! 

    How old is he?  Toby used to do that sometimes and sort of grew out of it as his legs/body got longer, he's 8 months old now.  Doesn't sound like it was as bad as Mac though he just sometimes had some "splashes" on his leg.

    I thought most male dogs start lifting their leg on their own eventually... Toby is still squatting to pee.

    • Most male dogs only lift their legs to mark; when they are peeing for real, most of the time they squat. 

      • If that's  the case I guess Andie never pees for real. He no longer squats but lifts his leg so ligh that sometimes I think he is going to fall over.


        • Jasper does that too, occasionally, but there has to be a bush or a tree or a post of some kind, lol. When he just pees in an open area, it's always a squat. 

        • I've seen a few male dogs lift their leg so high they DID fall over lol.  Super dramatic marking I guess!  

          • I read somewhere that little dogs sometimes try to pee higher up to make themselves seem taller. I have no idea whether that's true!

            • The one that I've seen fall over a few times is a pug.... so little dog AND not super well coordinated (and top heavy lol).

      • Oh, and he no longer pees on his front leg.

  • This is not so much a "Poodle thing" as it is a square dog thing. Correct body structure for a Poodle is square, i.e. the back is the same length as the legs, as opposed to the builds of Labs, Goldens, Shepherds, and most other larger breeds which have longer bodies in relation to the length of their legs, and are more rectangular in shape. 
    I know Adina has been having this same problem with her male Standard Poodle. 
    The trick is that the dog needs to get his pelvis lower to the ground, and for that they need to bend their knees more. Most of them do get the hang of it as they get older.

  • Charlie peed on his leg often when we got him at what we estimate was 18 months but he no longer does- not even splashes. I will say that he gladly pees on his brother Ned if he gets the chance, so eager is he to win the 'pee wars.' I don't know if he figured out a better stance and I never noticed the gradual change or if it's because of his hip replacement a year and a half ago. Ned doesn't lift his leg to mark on something ever but at about 9 or 10 decided to slightly lift a leg when he is on open ground. Both Charlie and Clancy stretch to pee when on open ground; neither squats. 

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