• I think a lot of pet owners are very sad and worried about this buy out. I sure hope the prices and customer service remain as is, but that hasn't happened with buy outs in the past. :( 

  • Oh, no!  I buy everything for my three from Chewy, especially almost 30lbs of Acana every two weeks.  I REALLY hope the prices don't change. :(

  • I too was very disappointed when I read this.  I went to the Petsmart website to look at the food I buy and see how much they were charging.  Interestingly enough, it was the exact same price as Chewy.  They also had the same free shipping over $49 as Chewy.  The BBB does not give Petsmart a very good rating and I will find it really hard to believe that Chewy can maintain their same customer service, but I certainly hope they do.  Just this week I did a quick reorder from my last order and some how it got sent to the condo in FL instead of to Ohio.  One quick oops e-mail and they reshipped to me at no charge.  I had to ask them to have Fed ex pick up the shipment in FL since we weren't there.  No charge to me.  No questions, nothing.  Their toys are also much better priced than Petsmart.  Fingers crossed.

  • I was just going to post this- I'm glad you did, F. I'm not sure what to think about it. Chewy has been a steadfast presence for us... very reliable... I'm hoping that they continue to carry all of the products that Petsmart doesn't- i.e. Orijen, Acanan, etc.

  • So disappointing. I guess I will just stick with local independent stores for Annabelle. I use Chewy more in the winter months and just have food delivered. I am not a Pet Smart fan. Whenever there is a buyout of a small company by a large one, quality goes downhill. I try not to contribute to corporate greed and stick with small.

  • I wonder if Champion Petfoods will still allow them to sell their foods now that they are owned by Petsmart?? I know they are very particular about who sells their product.
  • Breaks my heart.

  • I share everyone's concerns.
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