I just received a pre-renewal letter from PetPlan. It seems they have new underwriters and have made changes that their I am very unhappy with. For five years I have had a plan with a $200 deductible, 80% coverage and $10,000 annual allowance. I haven't complained as my payment went from $200 a year to over $500 a year.The proposed change to my plan is a $500 deduct, 70% coverage and $15,000 maximum annual allowance for $600 per year. This coverage is in not comparable! As an example, if I had a $1,200 expense the old plan would cover $800 and the new would cover $490.I tried different amounts, and according to my calculations I would need a vet bill of $15,000 or more for the insurance payout to be better with the new coverage.They claimed in the letter I could "Build My Own Plan". I tried and set up the same coverage level I've had for the last 5 years. It would cost over $1,300 per year!!!!!I have always been a big advocate for PetPlan, but I will no longer recommend PetPlan.

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  • Wow, I got the notice of the new underwriter and I was afraid of this.
  • That is really bad.  We have had pet plan for 5 years now,  I will pay close attention.  It is paying for Pikes shots nicely right now.  Can pet insurance deny due to prevent existing if we change from Petplan?

    • I'm wondering too!
    • I am pretty sure if you switch it can deny due to pre-existing conditions.

  • Interesting. I've received no such letter. Set to renew at the end if this month. Account is showing renewal as same $200 deductible, and 80% coverage. Premium went up a little, just as it has the last two years I've had it. ????
    • I got an ema

    • I wonder if the change is effective August 1?
  • Leslie, did your dog turn 7 over the past year? That's considered "senior" and might be the reason for the big jump. I believe it would be the same with any insurance company. 

    • Yes, she turns 7 this month. But would turning 7 change the rate from $600 to $1300 a year for the same coverage? I wI'll try their quote system and see if the change is age related.
  • Maci's just renewed 7/01. The policy coverages stayed the same with only slight premium increase.
    Maci is 2.
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