Petsmart is selling Chewy

I came across this article this morning that I thought was interesting. I never understood Petsmart purchasing Chewy and then continuing to operate as if they were competing businesses. I wonder if it will impact the brands available on Chewy again. I liked auto-ship.

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  • It's weird.  Something similar happened here with Best Buy and Future Shop (a very similar electronics store).  Best Buy bought Future Shop and yet they kept most of the Future Shop locations open which I found very strange.  They had a slightly different customer service model (Best Buy salespeople work on commission, Future Shop they do not) but other than that they're essentially the same store.

  •  My concern would be brand availabity, increased prices and decreased customer service. Those are things I like best about Chewy. Plus the super-fast shipping. 
    The article does focus a lot on Chewy's low prices, so....

    • I was surprised that I didn't ever hear any complaint about a decrease in customer service after Petsmart purchased Chewy.

      I would be happy if they got Fromm back. I don't mind shopping at my local store, but I always run low on dog food at the most inopportune time. There's plenty of food, plenty of food, plenty of food, and then I look in the bin on Saturday morning and realize there isn't enough food for dinner. A special trip to the store on the way to work is my specialty.

    • I just started ordering Fromm from Amazon. Was using pet flow after chewy stopped

      selling it . Prices all similar 

      • I was really excited to read this, until I looked at the price! It's not close to what I pay locally. The 30 lb bag of Chicken ala Veg on amazon was 76 dollars. I think I've been paying 53. I don't mind paying a couple dollars for convenience, but I'm either getting a really good deal, or that's a really bad deal! Chewy was always comparable to my local store. I think I had checked on Pet Flow in the past and found their prices high as well. 

        • I looked at Jasper's Fromm food & S & C toppers on Petflow and they were the same price I pay in the local store. 

  • Eventually, every company is going to be owned by Amazon, lol. 

    • It's so hard to beat the convenience of Amazon.  The scroll wheel of my mouse died on Monday, I ordered a new mouse on Tuesday and it came on Wednesday morning (we have Prime).  Sure I could have gotten a mouse at the store on Tuesday, but especially with the current pandemic situation, ordering online is winning out for most things.

      For pet food we like to support our local pet shop, they are a great little place and only stock the "good stuff" when it comes to dog food/treats which I really appreciate.

      • Not only could you get a mouse delivered the next day, you could probably choose from 1000 different models, compared to the 3 or 4 at the store. Say what you will about Amazon, but you can't compare their selection of items to anything available in any brick and mortar store.

        • Sometimes, I find the selection overwhelming. I don't have time to look through 500 items, lol. 

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