Those who've tried uploading photos to the photo page recently may have noticed that photos have to be approved.  Since we seem to be constantly a couple GB away from our max storage, I've begun (temporarily?) requiring photo approval.  So, before I approve photos, my goal is to remove at least twice that number of old photos (from inactive members).  Once I do that I'll approve the new batch.  If you upload a bunch that are nearly identical I may only approve a portion of them. 

(In the meantime, Clark is looking at/playing with a different platform for a possible move.  This is different than the old plan to upgrade on the same platform.  I have no timeline for this.  Just a heads up. It shouldn't change the experience too much, but some things will probably be different.) 

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  • Will this affect direct uploads to a discussion such as the photography group. I imagine it will be a problem for the slide show.
  • Should we not upload in discussions?  Does it help if we make the file smaller?

    • You can upload.  But yes, if you can make the file smaller to begin with that will help.  It's a lot of extra work though to have to reduce before's not mandatory.  I'm still deleting old photos from 2008 from members who have been inactive for at least a year.  I'm not touching photos of active members.  Video uploads are not allowed unless coming from YouTube or other third party host.

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