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Does anyone know how to send photos from their page to another computer or phone without deleting them? I am tech challenged. Thanks

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I don't quite get what you want to do. Give me an example and I'll try to tell you how.  If there is a photo on here, I drag it onto my computer or copy it or save to my computer.  I doesn't delete.  If you want to put a photo here from your phone or computer  there are directions, but I can help you. If you want to send a photo from one device to another you could text it or e-mail it to yourself.  It all depends upon what exactly you want to save and where you want to save it.

I tried to e mail the photo from my page using the share button and it didn't work.

I think what Pauline is trying to do is send pictures to other people on their computers or phones. 
Pauline, your pictures must be on your computer, you would have had to have had them there to upload them to your page here. So you can just email them from your computer, as an attachment. The other option would be to send the person a link to the picture here. Anyone can see your pictures here, as long as your page is not private. They don;t have to be members here. So you would just go to the photo you want, right click and copy the url in the browser bar, and then paste it in an email. 
Here's what i mean. Here's a link to a photo of Jack from my page here. Click it and it will take you to the photo.

I had to click cause I had to see Jack - I miss him!  BUT, I have finally seen a picture of Jasper and he is adorable!!!!!  Big paws to fill, but I'm sure Jack is guiding him every "paw" of the way!

Thanks, Wendy. I miss him too, every single day. Jasper will never fill those paws, but he sure makes me smile. :)

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your reply. At some point my photos were in my computer, but I have another one now and can't find them. I will try your suggestions. Thanks again

You meant the share in EMail or Twitter? Like works.  I’m trying them now. Like works. Sent share email to myself so we will see about that. 

I tried the share in e mail to myself and husband didn't work. Will try like. Thanks

Email address didn’t go through but using member by name- which arrives in their email does. Hmmmmm

I just got Nancy's email with a photo of Clancy on the slide, so it does work. 

Thanks everyone. I was able to copy them and save thanks to Karen's instruction



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