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I love the one of Spud's feet! So sweet!

Thank you.ME TOO!  My all time favorite. Still, it was the wrong size and resolution. So there can be favorites or great photos but they dont belong in a calender.  Just in our hearts :)

Same! Love paw pics

I love love love the paws and the snow-action shot.  That puppy dog in the air, playing in the snow, is the most adorable pic ever. How did you even get that shot?  Give extra love/lots of belly rubs to Spud from a fellow doodle mom  :)

The one of the feet remind me of a science fair project by a fourth grader.  Her thesis question was "Can you identify a dog by his footprint?"  I thought this was great and she did great tests.  The local vet spent some time at that display also.  Anyway, her conclusion was:  There are better ways to identify a dog than by his footprint.

The winter shots are wonderful but my favourite is the paws too!  I'm going to try to get a picture like that! :)

I love all of them but the two snow shots are stellar!

I love the paws...

loving the doodle toes!!

Oh my, these are such beautiful photos! I'm wishing for one of you amazing photographers to live nearby and take shots of Ripley for me! :)

Cute feet :) I still love that jumping shot and wished you would have submitted it. These are great, but my favorite is the one that got chosen.

The snow photos are probably the best photos of a Doodle I've ever seen!  LOVED them!  



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