• Kongs are great and nearly indestructible, same with Nylabone durabones.  The Kongs can be stuffed with kibble or just frozen with water inside to keep pup occupied during crate time.  Nylabones (not the soft ones, dura bones) are good for unsupervised chewing too.

    Stuffed toys and rope tugs are good for SUPERVISED play only, as are big plastic bottles.  Those types of toys don't last long though because they are easily destroyed by sharp puppy teeth.  Our puppies have always liked a big 2 L pop bottle filled with a little bit of water, they roll in interesting ways.  Definitely have to keep an eye on it so that they don't destroy it and make a big mess though and you have to discard as soon as they start making sharp edges or look like they might chew a piece off.  I get my rope toys at the dollar store since they get destroyed quickly (and they are just cotton rope, same as the more expensive ones).

    Keep a large arsenal of toys and rotate them so that they are "new"to pup :)

    Some of our other favorites with our very strong chewer (these are supervised play only)

    Hartz DuraBone squeaky bone

    Tricky Treat Ball

  • We had a good luck with Nylabone puppy chew toys, especially the bone shaped ones with the little nubs all over them. Like this one:

    Nylabone Dental Chew Bone Dog Toy, X-Small -
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    • Oh Riley still loves hers those are great :)

      I recently found it after it was "lost" (aka it had slipped under a couch).  

  • Thank y'all.  Very helpful.  We are going pick him up tomorrow and I will go ge these this afternoon. 

  • Do post a photo (or 6) when you get him. How exciting. 

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