Picking My Mini Golden Doodle in a Week!

Hello everyone! I'm new here, but I've been lurking for a while. Y'all all have such amazing insights!

I'm going to be picking out my F1b mini golden doodle this weekend on video (my aunt is going to FaceTime me while she plays with them!). The litter will be 5 weeks old at this point, and I'm the second pick of 6 females. So far I have these pictures of the sweet girls at 3 weeks, and I'm already in love with all of them!

I was wondering if y'all had any insight into which of these pups will be most likely to have wavy coats? I think (though I'm not positive) that they all look like they have furnishings. I know the two curliest will probably stay curly. Obviously, I'm picking for temperament first, but I want to evaluate everything in case there's more than one that will fit best with my lifestyle. :)







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  • It is very hard to tell at this age, but the first two appear to have the curliest coats at this point. 


    • Thank you! I figured it would be difficult to know this early on, but that's what I thought too.

  • I agree, I think red and purple are the curliest.

    They can change a LOT in a few weeks, here is a pic of my pup Riley at 3 weeks old, when we brought her home at 9 weeks and now (2 years old).  If you look at her earlier pics she doesn't look super "doodly", but as an adult she has tons of furnishings and is quite curly/wavy!





    • Wow, that is a lot of change! She is absolutely precious at every age though! :) Thanks for sharing.

  • I agree that that the first two will be curliest.  Their colors are beautiful. 

    • Thanks so much! I know, I'm kind of obsessed with all of them...

      • They are a lovely bunch, I don't think you can go wrong :)

        If you want wavy but not curly my instinct would be yellow or light purple (the one Adina identified below) after taking a close look at their ears.  I think cream and pink will maybe have the straightest coats.  It will be a lot easier to see things at 5 weeks.

        Riley's litter had quite a big variation in the black/white patterns, we got very lucky and got our top pick even though we had 3rd choice for a female.  

  • Do you have to pick so soon?  If temperament is first, that temperament simply isn't fully evident yet.  I know the litter I got a pup from this summer changed a lot from 5 weeks to 8 weeks.  The one that seemed most "leader like and vocal" turned out to be a mellow guy who is a very easy going pup now.  Coat is HARD to tell, but my guess is that #4 might be the waviest.  Since these photos are from 3 weeks old, do you have recent photos for a better identification of coat?  5 week photos would be far more helpful.

    • Yes unfortunately I have to pick at 5 weeks--I would have rather waited longer too. And currently those are the latest photos I have. But thanks for the insight, I can definitely see the waves there! I think I'll just have to go with my gut and love whatever puppy I get. Not a bad deal :)

  • The one with the lavender-checked bandana looks like it will have a luxuriously wavy coat, but it is so hard to tell.



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