• Hi Kaley,
    We have a wealth of information and tips for owners of picky doodles like Leia in our Food Group here on DK. Picky eaters is a very common problem.
    Here's a link to one of my favorite discussions on the topic:

    An Ode to Sojos!
    Hallelujah! My picky eater likes Sojos Beef formula. Like is not the right word. He LOVES IT!!!! Monty is almost 2 years old and we've always had at…
  • So, here's the routine for dealing with a "picky" eater.

    First, stop worrying about whether she "likes" her food or not. Constantly switching foods and introducing new ones is exactly the way you create a picky eater in the first place. The dog doesn't know there are other options until you show them that there are.There is no one magic food that a picky dog is going to love and stay in love with. When you keep trying to find something she likes, she will be interested at first, but very soon, she is going to stop eating that too, because you have taught her that if she holds out long wenough, she will get something better. 
    Feed her twice a day at the same time every day. That includes weekends. Put the food down and sit down nearby. This is important: For 10 minutes, you need to stay near her and eliminate all distractions. That means nobody coming in and out of the room, nobody calling out from other rooms, no kids playing nearby, etc. Maybe have something to eat yourself, or a cup of coffee.
    After 10 minutes, pick up the bowl and do not offer any food again until the next scheduled mealtime. This is going to take some willpower on your part, but it is going to payoff in the long run. She needs to learn that food is not always available any time she feels like having a mouthful, and that if she wants to eat, she needs to do it when she has the chance. This just makes life so much easier, because there are going to be many times in her life when you really need her to eat at given time period. 

    A normal healthy dog will not starve herself. Take back control of the food bowl and you will both be happier. 

    Also, do not buy more food than she will eat in a month, unless you can freeze some of it. Dogs like their food fresh, and even if you use an airtight storage container, it does lose flavor and aroma. I know it's more economical to buy large bags, but it's not the best thing for your dog.
    It also helps to follow a rotation diet where you change things up every new bag or so. Stay within the same brand and line, just choose a different "flavor". For example, I feed Fromm's Four Star line. There are about 15 different formulas within the line. So the current bag is Fromm Four Star Beef Frittata, and maybe the next bag will be Fromm Four Star Surf & Turf. 
    And please be sure to read through that discussion I posted. It's fun and funny, but it has a LOT of good advice and you might just have a lightbulb moment, lol. :)

  • Omg my Nellie is the exact same way!! Help!

  • I have struggled with my mini goldendoodle for all five years of her life and it has been such a pain. She will really just go hungry if she doesn't like it. I finally tried Fresh Pet, the one that is in the fridge at the store. Most of the time she will eat it but sometimes she still turns up her nose. I know how frustrating it can be and then watching them lose weight when you know it isn't crap food. Really I think I tried all the premium brands on the market before I found this one. Big draw back is that while it was expensive enough with just her now we have a standard goldendoodle and he is going to eat us out of house and home.

  •  I want to remind everyone that we do have a large and very active group here on DK called The Food group, where we discuss all of these issues and everything else related to feeding our dogs.

    We have a list of recommended food brands and treat brands, and if something isn't on it, it's either brand new or there is a good reason why it is not recommended. Usually because it contains harmful ingredients, has had numerous recalls, sources ingredients from China, or all of the above. 
    Here's a link

    Recommended Dog Food Brands 2018
    GRAIN-FREE FORMULAS ONLY Orijen  Formulas:  (Formulas are slightly different depending on whether they are made in the U.S. or Canada; check website.…
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