Picky Eater Doodle

 I was woundering if anyone has any picky eaters out there? Chesney is 13 mths old and I've never had a problem with him eating. Now all of a sudden he just seems like he would rather skip breakfast and just have dinner..No other signs of anything like being sick..... just not interested in eating like he should be.He has lots of energy,he's happy just not hungry.

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  • Sedona (now 18 months) has done this kind of thing - in fact she still is.  However, she's really inconsistent.  Some days, she'll only want one meal, other days she's "asking" to be fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We've tried to figure out a pattern, but can't come up with anything.  She's healthy, happy, and the ideal weight so we don't really worry about it.  We just figure it's a part of her personality.
    • Thanks for the info,Ches is the ideal weight so I guess i'll just keep watching him.Have a nice doodle day.Sedona is adorable!!
  • Both of my Doods (13 mos and 23 mos) eat a much lighter breakfast than they used to....if at all.  There are some days they'll eat a little and other days they don't want anything.  They always eat a great meal at night though.  I figure they know whether or not they are feeling hungry...so I don't really worry about it.
    • Thanks for the info,and your doods are so cute!!! I was thinking the same thing that as long as he was eatig 1 good meal and happy and peppy he's fine and he'll eat when he's hungry.Have a nice doodle day.
  • Cocoa has always been a picky eater.  If I mix human food with her kibble or give her something really yummy like ZiwiPeak dog food she'll eat pretty well. Otherwise, if it's plain kibble (Orijen) she sometimes eats very lightly.  For a while she was so young and skinny I made an effort to get her to eat more.  Now I just leave out the Orijen and figure she'll eat enough.  I still give her some human food (only chicken, meat or fish) but I don't worry anymore if she eats very lightly.  My vet said that as long as she is healthy, perky, and pooping regularly she should be fine.  Many doodles look very skinny (like Cocoa) but what they have is a poodle body which is small boned and lean... actually it's healthy for them to be lean!
    • Thanks for the info,I kinda thought maybe it was a poodle trait,because they can be picking and having golden ret. all my life I never had this problem.I started out with kibble and warm water when he was littlle and I stopped that about a month ago and he's been picky ever since,but eats very well at dinner so 1 good dry meal is better than none.Have a great doolde day.
  • Stella is a picky eater. We have been free feeding her so she just snacks throughout the day.
    • Love your pic! Is free feedinf where you just leave her food and let hher eat wheneve? If so I think Chesney would love that my 14yr golden eats his food and she dose'nt need anymore calories!!!! Have a great doodle day.
      • Yeah, if you have another dog I guess that wouldn't work out so well...
      • I have a 12 year old dachshund who would eat all the food. I really wanted to free feed my doodle, Sunny, but it isn't going to work out that way!
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