Anyone's doodles with white paws have pink paw pads?

Just curious because Riley's are spotted and I am hoping they stay that way :p  I know she is a bernese mix so it might be a bit different but I am curious to hear your experiences.

Anywhere her skin is pink her hair is white, blue skin for black hairs.  I haven't noticed the paw pads filling in at all, just getting huge lol.  She is about 50 lbs at 6 months old now.

Paw pic for reference and cuteness (I really need to trim her furry snowshoes!)


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  • 3367112435?profile=originalThese are Baci's little feet and they are pink and black.  He also has pink and black on his belly and inside his little mouth.  So I am assuming that the colors won't change.  He is and F1 Aussiedoodle.

    • Cute! 

      Yeah Riley's belly is pink with spots as is the inside of her mouth too.

      I've read that most pink paw pads end up black but I'm not sure that applies if the paws are white.

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to say how cute Riley is!  As are her paw pads!  Lol. 

    Christine & Nala :)

  • Charlie’s paw pads are spotted pink and dark.  I just assume it’s the multicolor coat that causes this.   His belly is pink but the hair on his belly is white but his skin is darker where his hair is chocolate. If Charlie was going to change his spots :-) he would have by now.

    • Maybe that's it.  Riley's dad was a parti poodle and bernese have the multicolored coat too.


  • Bernese Mountain Dogs are born with pink noses and paw pads, and they gradually turn black as the dog matures. Because Riley is a mix, it's hard to say what will happen, but the BMD standard calls for black pigment and so does the standard for black, white, cream, red, apricot, blue and silver Poodles. (The browns, silver beiges and cafes have self pigment, usually kind of liver colored.) Skin on white Poodles is also supposed to be black. 

    • Hm, I figured about the Bernese but didn't know white poodles have black skin too.  We will see what happens!

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