My dear Cocoa, in her unyielding commitment to ensuring that we get our full value from our PetPlan insurance, has torn the ligament in her knee. Fortunately, it was not a complete tear so she probably won't need surgery.Here's my problem. Cocoa has super fine hair that matts very easily. I usually let it grow out to about 3", and then it becomes totally unmanageable so I have my groomer cut it down to 1-1 1/2". It hit the 3" mark a couple of weeks ago and I was planning it have it cut- until she injured her leg.I'm afraid to let the groomer handle her and cut her hair. I'm only able to brush one side of her because she keeps resting on the same side. She was due for her extensive combing out on Sunday and I know that she will be covered in mats by the end of the week. Any suggestions?

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  • hmmm..can you wrap the knee with a splint of some type so it stays stiff while she is being groomed everywhere else? Then the knee area could be scissored--

  • Can you roll her over when she is laying down and comb the other side? Would she let you. Try doing on a bed or soft carpeted area?
  • Thanks for the suggestions. Perhaps I can try to roll her on the bed to trim her. I gave her a scissor cut once and it came out absolutely awful. I guess it will grow back... Anything is better than letting her mat. Poor baby seems depressed today.
  • Our Springer Spaniel has torn both CCLs so I feel your pain. Since his were total tears with surgical repair, we call him our bionic dog. I wouldn't worry about a bath but I would want to shorten the coat.   I would wrap his leg and ask the groomer to make a house call but if that didn't work, I would call a mobile groomer.  Cutting the coat down might be stressful - but it will be one stress rather than your trying to keep the mats out day after day.

  • That's a good point about just having her coat cut completely down- then I won't have to worry about it again for quite a while. I hadn't thought of just doing a short cut without a bath- that is a much better idea. I'm so worried about her leg getting bumped during the grooming.

    I'm taking her back to the vet for a follow up tomorrow- maybe I'll ask him to wrap it up specifically for a haircut. I gather this will be a long healing process...
    • I think it is even longer when they don't do a surgical repair because it takes longer to heal naturally.  Think about setting up an ex-pen to keep her in a smaller area.

  • I am sorry to hear Cocoa tore his cruciate ligament. I would probably just try to do it at home.  We had a standard poodle who partially tore his cruciate ligament and when he moved his leg a certain way, he would cry like a baby.  It was so heartbreaking- I just had to do the grooming myself.  Initially, I used wet ones to wipe him down every so often  Later, I was able to give him a shower as he cold walk into the shower with me and I gave him a quick wash down.  When I did have to clip him, I did it with him lying down.  I never did a great job, but I think he was more comfortable and we could take our time and just do what he could tolerate. 

    I am sure Cocoa is depressed. 

    Good luck to you and keep us posted.

  • I am pretty sure that if I explained the situation to my groomer and asked for help, she'd be all for whatever we needed to do, gently.

    That said, if you don't already have a clippers of your own, perhaps it is time to invest :) I do about half of Charlie's grooming, mostly his paws, sanitary, and ears and they all are easier and quicker with a clippers.

  • I think I'd feel best doing this myself. What kind of clippers work well?
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