My puppy just completed 4 months and he has been shedding but recently his coat started to loose lot of hair especially on his back and he is itching and scratching a lot. Please let me know whether he will have his hair back and what type of coat he will have. I have attached some pictures.  You can clearly see the difference between his head and back in the last picture. His itching started only 2 days ago and we started to put deck in our backyard 2 days ago and I believe he may be allergic to dust. But I am more concerned about his coat thinning. I am not sure its a puppy coat change or seasonal shedding or there is someting wrong with his coat. I see a lot of hair balls on the floor. He used to shed but not this much. 


Thanks for your help

2 month old

5221554874?profile=RESIZE_710x3 month old





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  • I can't really see much from these pictures, but even a vet cannot tell what might be causing this from photos on the internet. Itching and hair loss requires a visit to the vet. 
    I'd say he is going to have a wavy, shaggy coat that is always going to shed. 

    • Thank you so much for your response.  Do you think he will still get his hair back and will have a thick wavy, shaggy coat ?

      • It depends on why he's losing his hair. There are health conditions that can cause permanent hair loss, there are health conditions that can cause temporary hair loss. There is no way for me or anyone else here to know. 
        My labradoodle's coat looked much like your puppy's. It was long, shaggy and wavy, but never thick. 

  •  I bet his coat is just changing gradually, but if you think there's a problem, only a vet will help.

    • Four months seems very early to me for a coat change. 
      Coat changes in non-shedding breeds never ever ever involve hair loss. The coats get thicker and "harder", more woolly, but there is never hair loss. My one shedding dog, Jackdoodle, came to me at 14 months old, so I have no idea what his "coat change" was like. 
      And in any case, itching shouldn't be related to a coat change. 
      Four months is also very young for an allergy to have developed, and an allergy never develops two days after exposure to something. So I can pretty much guarantee this isn't from that. 
      The itching may not be related to the hair loss. But nobody on the internet can say for sure. If he is scratching so much that he is tearing out his coat, he needs to be seen by a vet, to at least get him some relief from that terrible itching. 

      • Thanks Karen for your advice. I will check with his vet.

      • I know Luna got that weird "stripe"  thing down her back at 4 months or so and it was the beginning of her coat change.  I don't remember if she started losing more hair though.  It definitely changed texture so she probably did lose the puppy hair starting down her back.

        • Thank you. Kind of feel better to know that's related to his coat change

      • What I was thinking is that perhaps it is a constellation of things that is appears AS hair loss when really it is shedding plus the coat changing consistency and itching as a separate thing.  Boca was an itchy puppy IMO, but it didn't last and didn't progress or turn into anything.  A vet visit never hurts, of course.

        • This doodle coat change thing has always been a mystery to me, because in 62 years of living with Poodles and Poodle mixes, I have never seen it and never heard of it outside doodle forums. Just like the "kemp" nonsense. 
          Wait until you have your Poodle puppy, and you'll see. I have no idea when Jasper's coat "changed" . It's not like some event that you know is happening. I never saw any obvious changes, there was no hair shed, there was no sudden matting, there was nothing. Now that he is an adult, I know his coat is curlier and "harder" than it was when he came home at 10 weeks, but I could not tell you when it changed. It seems like it happens gradually and without noticeable signs over many months, just like their growth. 
          So to me, in my considerable experience & knowledge of health issues and with the one dog who did shed, noticeable hair loss is a big deal. It's a symptom of several diseases that are fairly worrisome. I personally would be going to the vet. Noticeable hair loss that is not related to a health issue is not something I have ever seen or experienced. If this is the typical experience for doodle puppy owners, I hope more of them will comment. Not my wheelhouse.
          And yes, puppies are itchy. But if a puppy is so itchy that he's tearing his fur out....



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