My puppy just completed 4 months and he has been shedding but recently his coat started to loose lot of hair especially on his back and he is itching and scratching a lot. Please let me know whether he will have his hair back and what type of coat he will have. I have attached some pictures.  You can clearly see the difference between his head and back in the last picture. His itching started only 2 days ago and we started to put deck in our backyard 2 days ago and I believe he may be allergic to dust. But I am more concerned about his coat thinning. I am not sure its a puppy coat change or seasonal shedding or there is someting wrong with his coat. I see a lot of hair balls on the floor. He used to shed but not this much. 


Thanks for your help

2 month old

5221554874?profile=RESIZE_710x3 month old





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          • Neither of my doodles visibly lost hair as their coats gradually changed. But neither of my doodles shed really.

          • All good points.  I was just thinking that maybe he's not losing hair, maybe it's just shedding that came as a surprise and being mistaken for hair loss ?  But you could be right.  

            Interestingly, in one poodle group I'm in, possibly a bad one (?), I hear about coat changes all the time and warnings that there will be more matting.  Maybe these people aren't taking their poodles to the groomer?

            Although I plan to do my own grooming...we'll see how it goes.

            • Sure, they will mat more as they get their adult coats, but it's not a problem if you've always been keeping up with brushing and combing from puppyhood. It doesn;t just happen overnight. I'm guessing these people are not keeping up with their pups' coats.
              A good Poodle breeder will always have started grooming very young (by 4 weeks, latest) and you can tell a good breeder from a bad one by whether the puppy's face & paws are shaved and they are groomed before going home. If someone says "Here's my brand new Poodle puppy" and it looks like a doodle, puppy is from a bad breeder. Even if the owner is planning to keep her pup in a doodle trim, lol. :)

            • I've never noticed a "sudden" puppy coat change either but I know that both my doodles have shed seasonally and they definitely matted more during those times.  Those are the only "sudden" coat changes I've seen (it happens over a span of a week or two) but that only happens in adult dogs.  

              Luna's coat definitely had a very similar stripe to the third pic Shalini posted - that "wave" down the back with a different textured coat.

              • So, Luna had the stripe on her back only during the coat change or even after having  her adult coat ? I see small dark brown hair on those stripe area on his back.

                • She lost the "stripe" a few months after it appeared.  It basically looked like her new hair texture started along her spine (the stripe) and "spread" from there.  It ended up being the texture of most of her body hair.  

                  • I believe Romi is also having a coat change. He still have some itching but not bad as last week. As Adina mentioned it may be 2 different thing. I am taking him to the vet today to make sure he doesn't have any issue with his skin/coat. 

                    Thansk for all your response



                • The midline of Jasper's lower back was where we first noticed the texture of his coat changing, getting woolier. 

    • Thank you Adina. I wish and hope its just his coat change.

  • Hi there.  We experienced something very similar with our mini golden doodle at 3 months AND we took her to the vet.  She wasn't actually losing hair, however her dark brown color was turning white which made her look like she was balding.  At 8 weeks she was dark brown and now at 16 weeks she is light apricot turning white.  The vet said this is not uncommon in poodles or poodle mixes.  Hopefully your pup is just fine.  :)

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