Podcast & Puppy Update

Podcast Update

I'm going to be taking the summer off from The Doodle Kisses Podcast -- feel free to explore or catch up on the 35 episodes we've produced so far!
I would love to get your suggestions for new topics or guests you'd love come fall.  Please add your ideas in comments below!

Puppy Update

We are picking up our first standard poodle puppy in August.  Puppies are 3 weeks old now...3 more weeks till I can visit them, 4 weeks until I know which will be mine, 7 weeks till I can bring him home!




This next one is a girl, but it's a better photo of the brown coat than the boy above.



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  • Hi Adina, Those pups are about the cutest little things.  How exciting for you. I, too, am on Standard Poodle puppy wait.  My Maisie arrives tomorrow at 10:55PM all the way from Boston, MA.  When I lost Ozzie, I thought I would be dog-less, but that didn't work out.  While I love doodles, standard poodles have always been a favorite.  My little girl is small, will weigh about 40 pounds tops, and is "blue."  Can't wait for tomorrow.  Am curious as to why you choose to go with poodle this time.  You can PM me on FB or other if you wish.



    • Hi Lucy!  So neat to hear from you :-)  Congrats on your upcoming poodle pup.  40 lbs isn't as tiny in a poodle since they tend to be taller.  And blue is soooo lovely!  One of my favorite poode colors.  I think all the colors except white are my favorite ;-) 


      I went into details about my choice on a supplemental episode of the podcast: http://podcast.doodlekisses.com/31 -- it's only 15 min or so, but in short:

      I could not find a single doodle breeder in the PNW that met the criteria I was looking for in a breeder :/  There was always something missing: too many pups on the ground simultaneously all year long, only had prelim hip scores not finals, wouldn't show me copies of health tests, didn't have dark colors (not a flaw but I wanted a dark dog), did ESN, had smaller standards or only mediums/minis, didn't allow choice in gender.  Many were close but always missing 1-2 things that were non-negotiable to me.

      Meanwhile, I figured if the common denominator between all my doodles has been the poodle (well lab too, technically, but I didn't want the shedding) I figured *why not*?  I like being able to try different breeds within the 'nice family dogs' category.  I will probably still have a doodle again sometime, but most likely from rescue.

      [BONUS] We're getting a puppy!
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