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Hi everyone (especially in the east coast) lol.  We're thinking of going to Mammoth during my boys' spring break from school and taking Cooper along with us.  I'm worried about his potty issue.  He has never seen snow before and I'm not really sure if there is any area where he can go potty that's not covered with snow. Do you think Cooper will have a hard time going potty in the snow?  Sorry if it sounds like a silly question but just want to be prepared!  TIA!! :)

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Watch out, he may love the snow and never want to leave! 

LOL!!! :D

My puppy, born in Nevada, moved to the upper peninsula of michigan at 8 weeks, will ONLY go in the snow!  now that it's melting, he's looking further and farther for a patch of snow to go......!!

LOL! That's too funny!!! :D
We have the same situation! Our first snowfall here in WI was a pretty decent one. I shoveled off a huge area for Yeti to do his business in and he would hardly ever use it! He prefers to go potty in the snow. As it melted he would look for the last little snow spots and go potty on those even if though they were usually tiny areas.

We are in  Michigan, so we do usually get a good amount of snow in the winter. Toby loves the snow.  He turns a few circles until he gets the snow packed down enough, then he'll go. Most of the time my husband tries to shovel out a potty area close to the house, then we always take him back to the same spot. I agree, if he's got to go, he will go. Once he gets used to the idea, he should not have any problem.

I was actually wondering about this in the NYC area.  Teddy saw his 1st snow a few months ago and I was worried because he liked doing it on grassy areas.  But a few times, the snow was totally covering the grass and we were restricted to walking the street because the snow was too high for him to walk in.

He eventually did it along the sides of plowed snow.  LOL

I was going through the forums and spotted this question of yours and had to chuckle.... in a good way.  I'm from Northern Ontario, so we get A LOT of snow in the winters, but we have beautiful summers and falls.  When I got Chloe (my doodle) she was 13 weeks old and it was early fall, so no snow.  When the first layer of snow had fallen, Chloe went absolutely NUTS....excited, not upset.  She puppy zoomed around the whole back yard and had fun. She never had a hard time doing her business in the snow from the start.  It's actually the opposite for her. After 4-5 months of snow, when it melts and the yard is soggy, she absolutely refuses to pee or poop. I have to bring her to our front yard, which I guess is drier than the back, and she will do her business there.  Once the sloppy wet spring is over with and the grass is grown she goes back to her normal self and will do her business in the back yard again

Curious to know, how did your pup do at the snowy vacation?

Melissa, is Chloe a Standard Doodle ?  Minis are smaller but still won't have a problem except in big snowfalls....but Teddy is a Toy weiging under 12 pounds and 14" high at the shoulder, so here's what he looked like 6 weeks ago:

Very cute! Little fur-ball.   Chloe is a standard doodle. She is 60 lbs, and I'm not sure how tall she is as I haven't measured her height in a long time.  She has no issues with snowfalls....she loves the snow. It's only when the snow has first melted and the soggy grass is exposed that I have issues with her not wanting to pee in it.  I think she is a little princess and doesn't want to get her feet dirty ha ha ha



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