Hi everyone (especially in the east coast) lol.  We're thinking of going to Mammoth during my boys' spring break from school and taking Cooper along with us.  I'm worried about his potty issue.  He has never seen snow before and I'm not really sure if there is any area where he can go potty that's not covered with snow. Do you think Cooper will have a hard time going potty in the snow?  Sorry if it sounds like a silly question but just want to be prepared!  TIA!! :)

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  • He may balk at first.....but, if he's gotta go....well, he'll go.    Banjo is used to going in the woods.   I used to worry when we'd be visiting in urban areas......he goes just fine once he realizes there's no alternative.

    • Thanks Banjo. I guess you're right. If he has to go badly, maybe he'll just do it. Lol
  • He'll do fine! Kevin was born in CA and didn't give snow a second thought when he saw it for the first time in Tahoe and then moved to Ohio and had to do business in it.

    We love Mammoth and are super jealous of your trip! We honeymooned there with Buddy and then took Kev and Buddy back there before we moved to Ohio. Convict Lake is amazing, the trail around the lake is an easy hike and if you can rent a boat go out on the lake.
    • Thank you Jen! Thanks for the tip too. Hopefully our plans will work out and we'll get to see snow! :)
    • I had no idea it was you who responded to my post! LOL!!!! Not fair, you probably knew us! :P
  • Take lots of pictures!  It will be hilarious!  He will lift his legs at first and then probably totally immerse himself in the experience.  If he has to go, he will go anywhere but make sure you take pictures of his first experience!

    • Thanks Wendy! I'll be sure to take lots of pics and video if we go. The boys really want to introduce snow to Cooper! We're curious how he would react :)
  • Watch out, he may love the snow and never want to leave! 

  • My puppy, born in Nevada, moved to the upper peninsula of michigan at 8 weeks, will ONLY go in the snow!  now that it's melting, he's looking further and farther for a patch of snow to go......!!

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