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So ... Lola and I are going to meet this little guy at his foster home to see if he might be a good addition to our pack.  Not sure why exactly but for whatever reason I just have a feeling about him.  Fortunately Lola doesn't have all that baggage and is a better judge of character.  What do people think???  Here is the link for his profile on Petfinder:

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I think he is absolutely adorable and I LOVE those ears! I'm thinking he's going to "fluff out" even more as he gets older, too.

Good luck with the meeting, I can't wait to hear all about it! 

He is absolutely darling. I can't wait to hear about your visit.  Good luck.

He is such a funny little guy, ins't he?  I took one look at that face and thought, just maybe...

Jay, he is just adorable! Can't wait to hear what Lola thinks!

OMD!  He is SO cute!!!  they say hes a medium to large dog?  I can't imagine it...if you decide to adopt him it will be interesting to watch him grow :)

Joanna, that's what I was thinking ... of course they don't know how old he is for sure.  If he really is 5 months and 20 lbs. though it's hard to see him getting THAT big.  Of course I thought Lola would be bigger than she is turning out too though, so you never really know.

Orion looks so cute and his description sounds favorable. Good luck with the meeting.
What a cutie, good luck and do keep us updated.

Oh wow...he really is a cutie.  Just look at those adorable white paws.  I can't wait to hear more...

OMD adorable!!! Good luck!!

Oh my, What a CUTIE!   Keep us posted!    Lola and Orion would be adorable together!

You just can't help but smile at this little cutie!  Hope the meeting works out okay!



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