If you've been keeping up with The Doodle Kisses Podcast, you know that this week's episode with Stacy about her labradoodle Maggie aired today:

"When a dog can't seem to bond"

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Stacy agreed to a Q/A session if any of you are interested in finding out more about any parts of her story.



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  • What a great podcast this was! I sat in front of my computer for all 45 minutes listening to it, lol! And I already knew the story!
    I hope everyone will listen to this, it is just so uplifting and helpful! And real! 

    • Podcast success!  

    • I'm glad you liked it! Speaking in "public" isn't my best skill. But I'm so proud of Maggie. And so grateful for all the support I got from DK while we were figuring it out. I was not completely convinced that training would help, but now people ask if she's the same dog I had before. She's such an example of not giving up on a rescue dog. It just takes time - sometimes a lot of time. But they are in there underneath that scared exterior. They want to be loved. They are just afraid.

  • You did a great job telling your story Stacy. My DH and I listened on the long drive home after closing the cottage for the season. I kept giving him spoilers. Lol. I remember so well the discussion about having you meet Maggie's needs instead of Maggie meeting your needs. In my mind that was an "aha moment" back then. You were always real and honest about your feelings. I admired that. 

    • I'm glad you liked it. It really is amazing how far she's come, and I love how she asks for attention now. Sometimes I look down at her and tell her that we could call her Shadow. She's just always right there, which I love. And other day after we all went out at 5am (I'm just not brave enough to tell the puppy that she doesn't need to pee when she's really insistent!) she climbed up in bed with me. 2 hours later I woke up to her snuggling with me. I know her well enough to realize that just because she did it once doesn't mean that it's going to be the new normal, but I loved it so much. 

  • I've been so busy that I haven't listened to this yet.  I am looking forward to doing so soon.  I am enjoying these podcasts very much.

  • Maggie is so very lucky to have found you and you her.  We have a doodle to re=home right now in the DRC who needs a special, loving, determimed owner like you are.  Do you have any friends in California/??? :-}3708452428?profile=RESIZE_710xhttp://doodlerescueinc.ning.com/page/adoption-application-2

    • What a sweet face. Sadly, no friends in California. If I had a million dollars and a bigger vehicle I'd load the girls up and we'd go on a road trip for that one too. There's no such thing as too many dogs is there? Just don't ask me that question when Willow is barking out the window when it's still dark in the morning!

      I hope people understand how rewarding it is to take a rescue like Maggie and earn their trust. Every time she leans up against me for more love - every time she makes the choice to snuggle up next to me on the couch - every time she wags her tail as hard as she can because she's excited to go class I melt. Willow and Katie are easy. They love everyone. But my relationship with Maggie is extra special because she doesn't just love everyone. We worked hard and I'm as proud of that as if we had gotten all the Rally titles. Rescue is special. Maggie is really special and she's worth it.

      • Stacy, I'd just like to clone you for Hunter. Whoever adopts him is going to get a wonderful, loving boy and he's so worth the extra effort.

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