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Well - it has been over a year since the first post - thought I'd give you all an update.  Dh is still without work and we are starting to consider him "retired".  His info is out there but unless someone comes calling we are stopping the search ourselves.  He had two really great phone interviews with headhunters this week about two separate positions.  They both loved him - only took 6 hrs for the 1st to call back with "the company says they want a younger CEO"  and the second called back a few days later with "they won't chance you leaving - you're too over qualified".  Doesn't surprise me - but really - 59 is too old for a CEO?  What about experience?  Maturity?  Their loss!!!!  

So life will go on but in ways we might not have expected.  We are buying a lot in Punta Gorda on a canal - so that we can build a place and live the boating lifestyle.  We'll be able to have a fenced in yard for Rooney and Stuart so I'm very excited by that!!!!!  There are a couple of Churches in P.G. that I want to check out - so new things will come once this house sells.  THANK YOU ALL for your continued prayers!!!  Have a wonderful weekend.   Jane 



Could we ask for some extra prayer?  DH is flying to Houston on 3/22 for an interview!!!!  It is kinda a long shot but we would be so grateful for anything!  Thanks.


Hi all - just a small request - could you add DH and I to your prayer request.  I so believe in the power of prayer and the more the better!  My dh lost his job about 3-4 weeks ago and I'm trying to look at it as divine intervention.  His job had us living apart for the better part of the last 4-5 years and the stress had me worried about his health.  We are so much better off than most so I remain very grateful for what we have - health, our family, friends and of course the "boys" - Rooney, Stuart and our kitty.  I'm thinking this is a great way to get me and the boys out of Florida, away from the those gators - lol and into a yard with a fence!

At my dh's level (Sr. V.P. or CEO) jobs aren't something that you can find for yourself - they have to come looking for you - so he continues to network with headhunting companies and past associates.  It seems that there are many of us on DK in the "un-employment" phase - please remember all of them too.  Thanks so much!  Jane


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Thank you so much for the update, Jane. God is good. I love your attitude of acceptance and anticipation of a new lifestyle ahead. 

So now you can start to move forward with this new phase of your life.  The boating and fenced-in yard sound pretty good to me!

Yes - it won't be the retirement that we dreamed we would have but we are very lucky to be in any position to retire this young.  Perhaps at some point I'll get a small job to supplement my travel plans!!!  God has blessed me in more ways that I could ever say - my plan is to remain grateful no matter what life brings!!!!!!

Glad to hear that you guys have a plan that you are happy with!  I can hardly recommend the retirement life.   Hope everything comes together and works out well for both of you! 

I've been thinking of you Jane....thanks for the update.   You newly found retirement sounds divine.   I firmly believe things happen for a reason.   Wishing you, DH and the boys a healthy, happy future!!!

New beginnings and lifestyle changes can bring surprising blessings!  I too believe things happen for a reason --hold on to your great attitude and this new chapter will bring you much happiness.   



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