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Good evening everyone,

I know I'm relatively new to this site and I really enjoy reading your posts and the over abundance of information available here. Along the way I have befriended a few of you. One of you who also works in healthcare, a nurse, has had too much to deal with in your life.

I came home from my workday and was scrolling thru my FB feed this evening. I came across Prayers for Jennifer (a.k.a. Jennifer and Jack). Jennifer's mother posted to please continue to pray for Jennifer. She sustained a stroke and early intervention is what is believed to have saved her life. 

Please pray for Jennifer and Jack. Pray for strength to recover; pray for strength of heart and determination to overcome the challenges she will face great and small in the coming weeks. Pray for wellness and for every breath she takes.. Pray for Jack. 

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Very sorry to hear this. I hope she makes a full recovery. 

Lots of hugs and prayers going Jennifer and Jack's way!  I miss her on DK! 

She is such a wonderful, positive and very inspirational person...I too was so saddened to hear the news as well today on FB...we send our thoughts & prayers to Jennifer, Jack and her family.  

Sending healing thoughts and prayers to Jennifer! She is such an upbeat person who loves her Jack!!

Prayer for the full recovery..... So sorry to hear about this.....

Oh, so very sad to hear this. But thank you for making us aware .Continued prayers for Jennifer, in hopes she will soon be back posting with us.

Sending positve healing thought Jenn's way :(

Terrible news!  Thanks for the information!

Thank you for your post. I will say a prayer for Jennifer and Jack and I am hoping she makes a full recovery!

I too am so sorry to hear this news.  Sending my thoughts & prayers for Jennifer, Jack & her family

Sending positive energy and healing thoughts Jennifer's way.

Oh my, bless her - !!     yes I am sending up prayers for them and thank you for the information. 



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