Predict coat type?

New here. Wondering if anyone can help me predict coat type based on your experience. This is Dolly Mae. She is a little nippy still, but we love her just the same! I already notice slight shedding, so I am guessing that will continue. We had a German Shepherd for 11 years before, so i assume anything will be less shedding then that! :)

I am trying to guess if she will have facial furnishings, and how long her coat might get. Any thoughts??3738599641?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Not sure how to flip the picture...sorry! 

  • She is very cute. 
    I'm guessing she will not have furnishings, but sometimes they do get some late. 
    You're correct, the shedding will most likely continue. 
    I think she is going to have a medium length straighter coat, kind of like a purebred Golden. 

    • Thanks for responding! I feel like she looks so different from day to day. It's crazy! She's 11 weeks in the pic. She has already changed so much since we got her at 8 weeks. (Pic below)3738676502?profile=RESIZE_930x

      • This photo does show the absence of furnishings very clearly, though. You can usually see them pretty well by 8 weeks; usually way before that.
        This is a photo of a litter of 5 week old goldendoodle pups from which another DKmember recently got a puppy. You can see the furnishings very clearly even at that age:

        • How cute!! I see what you are saying. Thanks for sharing. Dolly has a bit of a goatee coming in currently, and a odd little fin in between her eyes. It will be interesting to see if it stays!

          • That little "chrysanthemum" between the eyes and the "doughnut" of longer fur around the muzzle is how we usually tell a dog has furnishings. I did not see that in Dolly's pictures, but if you do, she may have furnishings after all.
            My profile picture is of my beloved Jackdoodle, who died two years ago just 10 days short of his 13th birthday. He was adorable, and the best dog ever. And he shed as much as a GSD, lol, furnishings and all. :)
            I now have a Miniature Poodle named Jasper. Like all purebred Poodles, he doesn't shed a hair. :)


            • Mikkah a little comparison for you to add to what Karen said about the chrysanthemum:

              Even at 4 weeks Riley had the chrysanthemum (which is absent in Mikkah's pup Dolly Mae; Riley is now VERY doodly with a loose wavy coat and sheds a bit but much more during seasonal coat changes)




              Luna (passed away in 2018) did not have the flare of hairs around the nose (Luna was a flat-coated mini goldendoodle and shed just like a Golden including seasonal coat changes)




              • Both gorgeous! I will be happy either way. It is so interesting trying to figure out how they may turn out though. :)

            • So sorry to hear, but it must have been great to have so many loving years with him! Thanks for being so responsive to the post!

        • Side note - your doggie looks super adorable!! 

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