Anyone have any symptoms when taking this medication? My dog took it for only 3 days and is starting to shiver, pee in house a lot (she’s potty trained), and has diarrhea. She’s still a happy pup and is eating, drinking water & playing. I called vet and he said to take her off the medication but I still wanna know if anyone else had dealt with these symptoms!

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  • Oh, yes. The only time my Ava girl ever had a pee accident in the house was when she was on prednisone. Prednisone has many known side effects.

    • She is peeing all over the couch and bed & she never does that! I can’t get mad at her tho because I know it’s not her fault.
  • Luna had an "iron bladder" and could seemingly hold it forever...except when on prednisone for her allergies.  She would occasionally have pee accidents in the bed when in a deep sleep and drank and peed frequently.  She never had diarrhea though, that doesn't seem right.

    I agree on letting out frequently, don't let that bladder get too full, helps prevent accidents.

    • Do you guys know how long symptoms will last? I just stopped of meds yesterday so hopefully soon!! 

      • She only took it a few days so symptoms should disappear quickly as well.

  • My Jackdoodle was on prednisone for years, and other than at the highest doses, he never had these side effects, although I know they are common with this drug. It sounds like the dose may have been too high. Prednisone is typically given on an every other day schedule and tapered off, not stopped cold. But since this was such a short course, perhaps there was no point in tapering. 

    What does she weigh, what dosage of prednisone was she on, and why was she taking it in the first place? 

    • Yah the vet called and said all the symptoms she is having are normal. She weighs about 11 lbs. Vet told me to give her 1/2 a pill 2 times a day (5 mg tablets). Her eye got swollen up and he said it was from allergies
    • I couldn’t take her to my normal vet because it was on 4th of July & they were closed so I go to an emergency vet!
    • Thank you for everyone’s help!! :)
    • Yah it was the only option I had tho :( I called my vet the next day tho to ask all questions!
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