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I am on the waiting list for a mini ALD in winter 2016.  (Yes, that's how long the waiting list is!)

I have essentially zero dog experience.  I tried volunteering at the city animal shelter, but that didn't work out.  I'm nearing retirement age, and they said I wasn't agile enough to exit the chihuahua kennel and not let the chihuahua out. It didn't help that my mentor was unrelated, and did not model a lot of the behavior she wanted me to do.

Linda, Charlie Brown and Beau wrote me wonderfully helpful comments (because I posted to a place few people could reply.) She was reminded of a friend who had severe arthritis, got a doodle puppy, but had to rehome the puppy because her arthritis in her hands were too severe to groom him.  She had a lot of trouble potty training the dog because she couldn't get the dog outside in time. Often her friend couldn't walk her dog. Eventually this friend got a 4 year old dog, and that situation worked out fine.

I can't crouch and get up again, but I don't have trouble standing, then bending at my hips to touch the floor. I can certainly get out of a chair, and can walk about 3 miles in an hour.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't lift a 30  or 40 pound dog, but wouldn't a mini ALD weigh less than 30 pounds by the time it was potty trained?  I type at a computer most of my workday.  I would have trouble lifting 5 or 10 pounds above my head, but no trouble lifting that weight from the floor to my waist or chest.

She suggested going to puppy training classes at places like petco, and books like The Puppy Listener, an trying to volunteer at a boarding facility.  Those sound like great ideas.

Thank you so much Linda for your comments.  I certainly don't want to get in a situation where I'd have to re-home a dog.  My therapist (who has a standard poodle and has lots of dog experience) is totally supportive of me getting a doodle.

I sure plan on following Linda's suggestions.  I was just wondering if anyone had anymore suggestions.  Thanks so much for reading this!

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That's what mine do! Sometimes I swear I can hear them snorting.

I'm definitely getting a ball thrower! Thank you so much for your suggestions!

Yeah no problem! If I was throwing a tennis ball I don't think they would ever be done playing but with the chuck it, being that it makes them run so much farther, they are usually ready for an afternoon nap. A tired dog is a good dog :)
My doodles are now 6 And 7 and I was not a spring chicken when I got them. Luca is 48 pounds and I can barely lift him but forget about Calla. I have arthritis so between that and the weather we don,t walk as much as we might like. The dogs have a large fenced yard to run around in and when they feel like running or play fighting they do. I use custom prong collars and I have no difficulty walking two of them without worrying they might spot a tempting critter and take off with me in tow. If I outlive my dogs I might get a smaller dog but I am just hoping we are all well for a long time. I did find grooming got to be too much and I have them groomed every two months.

Nancy, you might even find that the extra activity, bending, and walking and exercise necessary to care for your puppy will benefit your mobility and strength issues and make you healthier along the way. Puppies are not for the lazy that's for sure and they keep us on our toes for several months, but there is always something you can do with your dog and therefore be more active than you would normally be without one. 

That's what I'm hoping too! A dog will keep me on my toes, and I'll *have* to walk and exercise her every day.

Thank you for all your ideas and comments!

Besides, you have a whole year to start building strength and stamina so it's not so taxing on you combined with the lack of sleep the first few weeks. I never have to pick up my dogs, and can only think of one situation where I would have to and that is if one were so sick they couldn't walk or hop into the car themselves to get them to the Vet. They are each 60 pds and although I can pick them up, I can't think of why I would want to. There might be reasons I am not familiar with tho. 



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