• I don't have an answer to length of time, but my groomer who has abandoned me to move to Arkansas *tear* swears by the Chris Christensen dryers. And she was always able to wash, dry, groom the girls in a reasonable amount of time.

  • We have one like this one, but it doesn't have warm/hot air.  I don't like to use hot air because it will dry out the skin and my one girl already has skin allergies so I didn't want to complicate that even further.  This one is meant to just help to blow the water out of the hair to help with the drying process.  I use it more in the winter than in the summer.  I also use it when we are at the beach to blow sand out of their coats or you can use it to just blow dirt out of the coat if they get all dusty somehow.

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    • I had never even thought about using the dryer to blow dirt out before I got them wet. This is genius! This is also why I'm not a groomer!

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